Royal Wedding of Will and Kate: the guest outfits

On the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding anniversary, we are taking a look at the guest outfits of the ladies we cover. Read about what they wore during the pre-wedding gala dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park on April 28 and the wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. 


Crown Princess Marie-Chantal attended with her husband, Crown Prince Pavlos; brother-in-law, Prince Nikolaos; future sister-in-law Tatiana Blatnik; mother-in-law, Queen Anne-Marie; father-in-law, King Constantine; and one of her sons, Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece (William's godson). For the pre-wedding dinner, Marie-Chantal was in a Louis Vuitton gown that featured a deep V in the back and a small bow

For the wedding, she was in a light blue Chanel dress and jacket with a pair of Louboutins for the wedding. She was also in a blue Philip Treacy hat


Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended the wedding with Grand Duke Henri. She wore a red Elie Saab gown for the pre-wedding dinner. 

For the wedding, she was in a sky blue Elie Saab dress and jacket


Then Charlene Wittstock (she would marry Monaco's Prince Albert in July) wore a "dove-gray silk dupioni evening dress with laser-cut silk organza appliqué and a silk chiffon stole," explained the designer Akris (via Order of Splendor).

A gray Akris coat dress was worn for the wedding; she carried a matching Allegra ostrich clutch from the same designer.


Then-Princess Maxima wore a pinkish/nude lace Jan Taminiau dress for the wedding. She and Prince Willem-Alexander attended on behalf of the then-Queen Beatrix.  


Unfortunately, the only piece from Queen Sonja's ensembles from the pre-wedding dinner and wedding that have been identified was her hat. It was a white Lock and Co. hat with a feather in the center. 


Then-Princess Letizia attended the wedding with her husband, Prince Felipe and mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. Sofia's outfits have not been identified, but Letizia's luckily have! For the pre-wedding dinner the night before Letizia wore a strapless, purple (with flowers on the skirt) gown by Felipe Varela. The wedding saw her in a customized pink Pablo Y Mayaya hat that featured lace. Her dress was by Felipe Varela and featured 3/4 length sleeves and floral designs on the pink dress.


Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel represented the Swedish Royal Family at the ceremony. Victoria wore a red short-sleeved Escada gown to the pre-wedding dinner, and for the wedding, she wore a muted orange long-sleeved dress by Escada and a matching hat by Britta von Koenigsegg. 

United Kingdom:

Autumn Philips wore a purple Sassi Holford coat dress for the wedding. Her hat has not yet been ID'd. 

The outfits of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been covered in a previous post. You can read it here

For Sophie, Countess of Wessex, she wore a red Bruce Oldefeld gown for the pre-wedding dinner. For the wedding, she was in a cream Jane Taylor hat, embroidered suit by Bruce Oldfield, and Jimmy Choo shoes. 

Zara Phillips would get married just a few months later, but for her cousin's nuptials, she wore a bespoke black Philip Treacy hat and a Paul Costelloe coat dress. 

Our favorite Queen Letizia gowns


One of my favorite gowns of hers was the red Stella McCartney from the private celebrations for King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands' 50th birthday in April 2017. I loved the one shoulder and cape look, and red really is her color!

I also liked the gray lace overlay gown by Felipe Varela that she wore for the 2013 Dutch inaurgation of King Willem-Alexander and again in March 2015 during a state dinner for the visit of the Colombian President. 

© House of HM the King

© House of HM the King

The short-sleeved black lace Carolina Herrera gown is another one of my favorites. It featured a mermaid style skirt. It was different but flattering on her. This specific gown has made an appearance twice: once at a gala dinner for a state visit from Chilean President Michelle Bachelet at Zarzuela Palace in 2014 and again during a black-tie dinner at the Dukes of Braganza Palace during an official visit to Portugal in November 2016. The latter is pictured below.


Queen Letizia is my favorite royal in terms of fashion so it was really hard to choose my favorite gowns of hers. I think my all-time favorite is the Lorenzo Caprile red gown she wore to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary wedding in 2004. She was not a Princess yet as she would only marry then-Prince Felipe a week after the Danish wedding, but this gown was amazing. Like Brittani said, red really is her color.

Another one of my favorite is the Felipe Varela grey strapless gown she wore for the pre-wedding dinner of Prince William and the soon-to-be Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. This is such a princess gown and I really want to see it again. This photo of Letizia turning around in her big gown is still one of my favorite photo of her.

My third choice would be the blue Carolina Herrera gown she wore during the state visit to the UK in 2017.  She looked stunning in this gown and the fit was perfect.


Letizia and red are a fantastic pair so I've chosen two red gowns that are my favorite of hers.

First, like Brittani, I love the red Stella McQueen cape gown she wore.  It's simply dramatic and eye-catching. It's so stunning, and Letizia carries it so well.

I also love her red gown by Felipe Varela from the state visit to the UK. It's so regal and is just a fantastic dress for a tiara event. All of the beading and intricate details are superb.

I also like this Lorenzo Caprile gown from the gala dinner in honor of the Lebanese President in 2009. I love the thickness and texture of the fabric.  It has a very medieval royal vibe to it that Letiiza carries well.


Like Laura, I really like her red Felipe Varela embroidered UK State Banquet gown in 2017. 

Another favorite is her pale purple/ grey embroidered Felipe Varela gown from William and Kate's pre-wedding dinner on April 28, 2011.

Lastly, I really liked her new blue Ana Locking gown from the gala dinner during the State Visit by the President of Portugal this month. 

© House of HM the King

© House of HM the King


Like the others, I really liked the grey embroidered Felipe Varela gown that she wore to the 2011 wedding of Will and Kate. 

My next choice is the navy one-shouldered gown by Carolina Herrera for a dinner during the UK State Visit in 2017 when Felipe and Letizia hosted a gala dinner.

My last choice is the one-shouldered light blue gown with embellishments by Felipe Varela that she wore to the wedding of Felipe's first cousin Prince Nikolaos to Tatiana Blatnik in 2010.

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Laura and Brittani opened the show by discussing the horrible bus crash in Saskatchewan that left 15 dead.  The Queen has sent her condolences.  If you wish to make a donation to help the victims of the crash, a verified GoFundMe is here.

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Flashback to the royal outfits at Crown Princess Victoria's wedding

While we have covered some of the outfits at Crown Princess Victoria's wedding to Daniel Westling in separate articles, we are compiling them all into this one piece. We are looking at the gowns worn at the concert the night before their wedding and the wedding ceremony itself.

For the outfits of Princess Charlene, Queen Rania and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, please click on their names for the full article on their outfits. Charlene was in Armani, Rania in Antonio Bardi and Mette-Marit in Old Yde for the wedding ceremony. 

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Letizia, who attended with her husband Felipe and mother-in-law, wore a strapless red Felipe Varela gown with roses on the skirt portion, while for the wedding she looked gorgeous in another Felipe Varela creation. This time the then-Princess Letizia's gown was blush and short-sleeved. It also featured roses on the skirt. The future Queen of Spain was wearing the Spanish Floral Tiara.

Embed from Getty Images

Her mother-in-law Queen Sofia wore a Valentino creation to the wedding (where she arrived with Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands). The dress had been customized from its strapless original form to feature long sleeves. The dress features floral lace on the lower portion. The Queen wore the Mellerio Shell Tiara, as well. Her dress for the concert the evening before is still UFO. 

Embed from Getty Images

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, along with her husband, Prince Edward, Earl of Essex representing Her Majesty The Queen at the festivities in two Amanda Wakeley custom gowns. For the concert, she wore a short-sleeved navy gown with jewels around the waist and on the shoulders. On the day of the wedding, her gown was a silver/gray color with a slit up to her left knee. While the gown was strapless, the Countess wore a thin matching shawl over her shoulders. She was in what has been called "Sophie's Wedding Tiara" as it was new for her nuptials to Prince Edward in 1999. 

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

While a separate article (see above) has been written about the gown Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway wore to the wedding, we have not written about the Emilio Pucci gown she wore the concert gala. Mette-Marit wore a light pink, square-necked gown with short sleeves. The bottom have was ruffled, giving off a fringe effect. The middle featured jewels. 

Embed from Getty Images

Mette-Marit's sister-in-law, Princess Martha Louise, who attended with now ex-husband Ari Behn, wore a TSH gown to the concert and a Nora Fara gown to the wedding. The TSH gown was violet, v-necked and sleeveless. Her bright purplish pink Nora Fara gown the next day, had one strap on the right shoulder. She paired it with the Amethyst Necklace Tiara.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

We only have the then-Princess Maxima's gown from the concert gala ID'd. The pink and white summery floral gown was by Valentino. It featured sheer short sleeves and, like Mette-Marit's, what I would describe as ruffles along the skirt. 

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary wore a nude, strapless Ralph Lauren gown (featuring lace around the bodice) to the concert gala. We saw her in a Jesper Hovring creation for the wedding. This teal gown gave the appearance of being strapless, but if you look closely, you can see an almost clear, sheer lace top with short sleeves. The Crown Princess was also wearing the Danish Ruby Parure Tiara, which she has been seen in on numerous occasions. 

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

For Tatiana Blatnik (who would become Princess Tatiana just a few short months later when she married Prince Nikolaos of Greece), she was able to get a taste of what was to come. She wore a strapless gown by Carolina Herrera which featured the colors baby pink and gray with golden designs along the bodice. 

Embed from Getty Images

Last, but certainly not least, we are looking at the gowns Victoria's younger sister, Princess Madeleine wore. For the concert gala, she arrived on the arm of her brother Prince Carl Philip in a sky blue, strapless gown by Angel Sanchez. 

Her outfit for the wedding reminded me of Cinderella. It was a beautiful blue strapless gown by Linda Nurk. For the church service, she had a matching shawl draped over her shoulders, which she shed for the later events that day. It's one of my favorite looks of hers. She arrived with her mother, Queen Silvia and was wearing the Connaught Diamond Tiara.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Victoria wed her personal trainer on June 19, 2010, exactly 34 years after her parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia wed. The ceremony was in the Stockholm Cathedral and was dubbed as "Europe's biggest royal wedding since the Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981." Huge celebrations took place all across the country and an estimated 1,100 were invited to the wedding. 

Several of the royals in attendance had their children in the wedding, as they are some of Crown Princess Victoria's many godchildren: Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.

The total amount “spent” by the royal ladies on clothes in 2017

It's time again to look over the amount spent the previous year by the royal ladies on their outfits. Our prices are based on the Euro for Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Mary, Princess Marie, Princess Charlene, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Wessex, Queen Letizia and Queen Rania. 

Regarding Queen Rania's (see below) and Crown Princess Mary's clothing, it is important that we mention Mary’s, we believe based on our research, are paid for by the taxpayers whereas we believe the others are not. For Crown Princess Mary, the Crown Prince Couple are given a parliamentary annuity each year which is to account for all of their expenses; additionally, Crown Prince Frederik's "personal savings" - worth reportedly up to $3billion in land holdings - also contribute (via the Sydney Herald). 

UPDATE: More information has come to our attention, and we want to clarify our information on Queen Rania. Her Majesty’s clothing is NOT paid for by the Jordanian taxpayer. At face value, our calculations are what Queen Rania (and the other royal women)’s clothes are worth, and in theory, what they would cost to buy. We cannot say for a fact that these royal ladies actually spent the amount as items could have been on loan or gifted, which does occur for some royal ladies. Additionally, we do not know if they were purchased at full price or with a high discount (like 50% off, for example). Therefore, the calculations should be seen more as what the wardrobes were worth in 2017.

We apologize for any confusion and misinformation earlier to our readers, Queen Rania, and the Royal Hashemite Court. We hope that people now take note of our update with verified information.

In total, the royal women spent a whopping 916,127.12 € in 2017 altogether - but these are only the pieces that were identified! Because there were some pieces that were custom made (like Nobel Prize Ceremony Gowns for example) we cannot give an exact estimate of what was spent. Please note that there are 347 pieces not included in this number. 

Now on to the rankings of who spent the most to who spent the least!

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.14.49 PM.png

Coming in first place was Queen Rania of Jordan whose new wardrobe was worth 267,238.00 €, with 29 of her custom outfits being excluded due to not knowing the price. 153 pieces were identified this year for her and seven pieces still being unidentified. The average price of her clothing per piece was 1,724.12 €. Queen Rania had a total of 191 new pieces.

Embed from Getty Images

Second place belonged to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who spent an average 1,580.01 € per item. She had a total of 106 new pieces this year; 74 were identified with price and 8 are still outstanding. Her total spent on outfits in 2017 was 129,560.51€. 

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark ranked third, spending 91,869.22 € this year, of which 174 pieces were new. The average price per piece was 734.95 € with UFO No More identifying 117 with the price while 43 are still UFOs. 

Embed from Getty Images

Fourth place in price spent goes to Princess Charlene who spent an average 2,575.44 € per piece for a grand total being 77,263.08 €. 26 pieces were identified with the price while 17 are still UFOs. Charlene had 56 new pieces in 2017.

Embed from Getty Images

The Countess of Wessex was next spending 58,525.03 € in 2017 with an average price of 1,194.39 €. 43 were identified with 11 outstanding. Sophie, who had 60 new pieces, was followed by Queen Letizia who spent 51,342.97 € with the average per piece at 466.75 €. Fashion identifiers located 98 with the price with 22 still as UFOs. Letizia had 162 new.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Seventh place was Crown Princess Victoria, with her sister-in-law, Princess Sofia barely nudging out Victoria's sister, Princess Madeleine for eighth place. Victoria spent 50,737.17 € with an average per piece being 393.31 €. Sofia spent 37,323.72 € in 2017 with 583.18 € being spent per piece. Madeleine spent 37,235.67 € last year with the average per piece being 1,379.10 €. There were 125, 60 and 27 pieces identified with the price for Victoria, Sofia and Madeleine, respectively. There are UFOs for both Victoria and Sofia and 9 for Madeleine. In terms of the amount of new pieces, it was 152, 85, and 40 respectively for Victoria, Sofia, and Madeleine. 

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mette-Marit came in after Madeleine, spending 25,263.26 € with the average price being 701.76 €. 35 pieces were found with the price, but there are 41 which are still UFOs. She had a total of 83 new pieces.

Embed from Getty Images

The royal lady who spent the least was Princess Marie with a grand total of 23,512.86 €. Her average price per piece was 635.48 € with 34 pieces being identified with the price. However, 37 are still unidentified. Marie had 82 new pieces in 2017.

Embed from Getty Images

The order for prices spent (from highest to lowest) are as follows:

1. Queen Rania of Jordan
2. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
3. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

4. Princess Charlene of Monaco
5. Sophie, Countess of Wessex
6. Queen Letizia of Spain
7. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
8. Princess Sofia of Sweden
9. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

10. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
11. Princess Marie of Denmark

As explained below, there are many custom pieces that have been left out and therefore the numbers would be higher for each royal. The infograph below details who had the most new pieces, as well as who has the most that still need to be identified. 

Please note that our previous graphic had a mistake in in Crown Princess Mette Marit and the Duchess of Cambridge's numbers. The one above has been corrected.

Please note that our previous graphic had a mistake in in Crown Princess Mette Marit and the Duchess of Cambridge's numbers. The one above has been corrected.

**At face value our calculations are what the royal’s clothes are worth, and in theory, what they would cost for you or I to buy. However, we are not saying that these calculations are what the royals ladies specifically spent, as we cannot verify that. We fully recognize that royals may receive discounts, shop sales, or be gifted some of these pieces. However, in order to stay objective, we made the decision to only use the full retail value of the pieces so that we do not show bias. These numbers should be viewed as the retail cost of their new pieces, rather than the exact number they personally spent.**

* We have clarified our paragraph regarding tax payers paying for the clothing of Queen Rania and Crown Princess Mary.

If you would like to use these numbers for your own article- please make sure to credit us and link back to our original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send us an email .

Queen Letizia receiving the military in June 2014

On June 25, 2014, Queen Letizia accompanied her husband to receive the Spanish Armed Forces and Civil Guard at the Royal Palace of Madrid. Her husband's reign as the King of Spain had only begun a few days before on June 19 after the abdication of his father, King Juan Carlos.

Spain's new Queen wore a repeat outfit for the event; this is an outfit that was first seen on the then Princess of Asturias at the same event in 2012. Letizia wore a Filipe Varela boucle linen skirt suit with a lace overlay. She was also wearing the Mango olive green silk blouse, Chanel diamond star studs, and Magrit taupe suede pumps. The Queen carried a matching suede clutch by Malababa that featured a flower of jewels in the center. 

Embed from Getty Images

Receiving the Armed Forces and Civil Guard is a tradition of the King - who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Spanish military. You can find the Spanish military in NATO, peacekeeping troops for the United Nations, and the Eurocorps, among others. 

Embed from Getty Images

The King and Queen greeted the troops at the Palace's Armory Square, and King Felipe then reviewed the troops and took the salute. The couple's young daughters, future Queen of Spain, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, did not attend. 

During his speech to the troops, King Felipe said, ""I know very well that your effort has not been free of sacrifice, therefore, I want to pay a heartfelt and affectionate tribute to all the comrades who gave their lives in the line of duty, also to those who have been injured and strive to continue with their lives without losing the spirit, brave and generous, which led them to wear the uniform, that surrender, that maximum expression of loyalty, companionship and altruism encourage us all to persevere in our commitment to serve Spain. "

Queen Sofia at Easter Mass in 2016

On Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016, Queen Sofia joined her son, King Felipe; daughter-in-law, Queen Letizia; and granddaughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia for Easter Mass at the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. 

For the religious service for the most important day on the Christian calendar, Queen Sofia wore a green floral Oscar de la Renta jacket. It had blue trim and she was wearing a matching blue dress underneath. The Queen wore metallic heels and carried a smaller metallic purse.

© House of SM the King

© House of SM the King

The Royal Family was received outside the Cathedral by the Bishop of Mallorca, Monsignor Javier Salinas, members of the cathedral chapter and acolytes. Salinas presided over the ceremony.

Upon entering the Cathedral, the King, Queens, Princess and Infanta greeted their fellow attendees.

© House of SM the King

© House of SM the King

Her daughter-in-law wore a hot pink Carolina Herrera coat and carried a matching Adolfo Dominguez clutch. The Queen had on a black and white striped wool sweater by Hugo Boss and wore a pair of navy Uterque pumps. 

Queen Letizia presents scholarships at Iberdrola 2016

When Queen Letizia presented scholarships alongside King Felipe at Iberdrola on July 5, 2016, in Madrid, she wore a summery floral chiffon Zara, a Spanish high street brand, dress. It featured long sleeves and came just below the knee. 

© House of SM the King

© House of SM the King

The delicate lily printed dress sold out quickly after Her Majesty was spotted wearing it with a pair of Zara drop earrings and nude Prada shoes. She was also carrying a pink Adolfo Dominguez clutch. Zara is a store that Letizia often wears items from, as do other royals across Europe.

According to Casa Real, Their Majesties "presented the scholarships to study masters in energy and environment in the United States, Spain or the United Kingdom and aid to research in energy and environment, as well as scholarships for training and research in restoration of the Museum of Prado and the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao."

Embed from Getty Images

The program was originally created in 2010 and has been continuing to grow since its inception. Casa Real also added, "Thanks to the joint work of the different foundations of the Iberdrola Group, young people from five nationalities (United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Mexico and Spain) will be able to study different masters courses in Spanish, British or American universities in areas related to renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy storage, electric vehicle, intelligent distribution networks, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Data processing (Big Data) and cyber security. The International Scholarship Program also includes grants for energy and environmental research in Spain."

© House of SM the King

© House of SM the King

The King and Queen posed for photos with the winners outside the Iberdrola Building. 

Queen Sofia during the pre-wedding gala for then Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz

For the pre-wedding gala dinner for her son, then-Prince Felipe to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, Queen Sofia wore a gold and cream gown by Spanish fashion designer Manuel Pertegaz (who designed her soon-to-be daughter-in-law's wedding gown). 

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia hosted the pre-wedding dinner for their son and his fiancé where 350 guests attended including many of the royals who were invited to the wedding. These include the Prince of Wales, King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (Felipe’s maternal aunt and uncle), then-Queen Beatrix, then-Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands and members of the exiled Iranian Royal Family.

Of course, the full Greek Royal Family attended, as Sofia was previously a Princess of Greece and Denmark; her older brother is the deposed King of Greece.

Guests dined at candle lit tables with orange tablecloths. 

The gala dinner was held on May 21, 2004, at the El Pardo Royal Palace in Spain's capital of Madrid. Felipe and Letizia married in a Roman Catholic ceremony the next day in the city at the  Cathedral Santa María la Real de la Almudena. The wedding was dedicated to the victims of the Madrid terror bombings in March of that year. 

More on their wedding can be read here.


Queen Letizia's wedding dress

On a rainy May 22, 2004, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano married the heir to the Spanish throne, Felipe, Prince of Asturias in the Cathedral Santa María la Real de la Almudena. She wore a custom wedding gown by Spanish designer Manuel Pertegaz (who was suggested by Queen Sofia) and shoes by Pura López. She was loaned the Prussian Diamond Tiara by her in-laws as well as a pair of diamond earrings they had given to her as a gift.

Letizia's gown featured a 4.5-meter train with a V neck and high collar. Silver and gold floral embellishments featured predominately around the bottom of gown with a few traveling up the center to the V neck. The hand embroidered, off-white silk tulle veil she wore was a gift from Felipe; it was almost as long as her train as it was 3 meters long and 2 meters wide.

Order of Splendor explained the design of the dress by Pertegaz, "He took bespoke natural silk woven with silver thread by a Valencian firm and cut it continuously from shoulder to floor, creating a gown that is slim in front and flows out into a large round train (4.5 meters, or nearly 15 feet, long) in the back."

It had been a century since the capital had hosted a royal wedding, and it was a first for the cathedral. Celebrations went on for days with foreign royals from all over in Spain for the nuptials. Some of the royals that attended included the Prince of Wales; the then Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands; and King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (Felipe’s maternal aunt and uncle). In total 1,600 guests were in the cathedral with millions more watching from the streets and at home.

Royal Central explained, "Felipe and Letizia were able to marry in the Roman Catholic Church since it did not consider Letitia’s first marriage canonically valid as it was only a civil ceremony. Otherwise, she would have had to seek an annulment to marry the then Prince of Asturias in a Catholic ceremony."

The wedding took place less than two months after the Madrid terror attacks that had taken place at train stations in the city in March. The couple dedicated their wedding to the victims and had a bouquet of white roses taken to Atocha station - a main target of the bombings. The roses had a message from the Prince and the new Princess, "Always in our memory, Felipe and Letizia.”