Princess Charlene in the Princely Family's 2016 Christmas card

Just before Christmas, the Monegasque court released a series of photographs from the Christmas card photo shoot taken at their home. 

© Photo: Vanessa Von Zitzewitz / Palais Princier

© Photo: Vanessa Von Zitzewitz / Palais Princier

The picture above ended up being the official Christmas card sent out by the Princely family. It shows Charlene with her husband Albert and their twins Jacques and Gabriella. The two cuties stole the show in the rest of the photographs.

© Photo: Vanessa Von Zitzewitz / Palais Princier

© Photo: Vanessa Von Zitzewitz / Palais Princier

© Photo: Vanessa Von Zitzewitz / Palais Princier

© Photo: Vanessa Von Zitzewitz / Palais Princier

Charlene was wearing a gold sequin sheath dress made by Ralph Lauren. It last retailed for £192 ($240). It has long sleeves and a fitted silhouette to show off the figure. 

For my copycat, I’ve gone with one of my reliable brands. The Fliss sequined bodycon dress from Boohoo has the same long sleeves, fitted shape and sequined material as Charlene’s but it’s less than a fifth of the price. It’s selling now for ($28) and is still available in a range of sizes. Get it now! 

Princess Eugenie at the UNAIDS Gala

In July 2016 Princess Eugenie attended the UNAIDS Gala in Switzerland. The gala raises funds for HIV prevention and treatment services. 

The event was exceptionally glamorous, with a table reportedly costing £70,000. Other guests at the event included actor Keanu Reeves and diplomat Kofi Annan. Eugenie gave a speech at the event but, unfortunately, the transcription isn’t available online. 

So let’s turn to the outfit she wore. The princess is usually a stylish dresser who knows how to style her curvaceous figure; this event was no different. Eugenie wore a red dress designed by Alexander McQueenThe dress has a cowl neck and hugs the figure. It appears the dress is no longer available in this raspberry shade, unfortunately, but I do have a copy cat which is almost as good! 

My copy cat piece is from ClosetI’ve chosen the brand’s Red Cowl Faux Pocket dress which is selling for £45 ($55). The two pieces share a similar bright red shade and cowl necks. The main difference is that the Closet dress has pockets which makes it more appropriate for daytime wear than Eugenie’s piece (in case you don’t have a spare £70k to spend on attending a gala). 

Crown Princess Victoria at the Baltic Sea Seminar

On the 2nd September 2016, Victoria attended the Baltic Sea Seminar in Dalarö. Victoria is a passionate environmentalist, particularly concerning the Baltic Sea which surrounds Sweden, and was personally invited to the event. The event works by "bringing together public and private sector organisations and the public for discussion." 




Victoria was wearing a new dress by Danish fashion house and favourite brand of Crown Princess Mary, Baum und Pfergarten. She was wearing the Agnete, a printed dress with a smock waist and long sleeves. It's classic Victoria: understated, professional and timeless. 

For the copycat I've gone with another blue dress with long sleeves and a smock waist. The dress is from Lucky Brand and retails for X. It's slightly darker than Victoria's but the print is similar and the silhouette is a close match. 

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Sofia Hellqvist at Princess Estelle's christening

Just 2 years after she started dating Prince Carl Philip, Sofia Hellqvist was invited as a guest at the christening of her boyfriend’s niece Princess Estelle. 

As Sofia didn’t have an official role in the family at the time, she was seated in the general seats alongside fellow future spouse Chris O’Neill. The two entered the church arm in arm and were seated side by side throughout proceedings.


Sofia’s dress was designed by New York based label Tibi. he dress is a beige-pink shade. It has long sleeves and features a distinct ruffle down the front. It wasn’t that well received by fashion journalists at the time but I think it was a good outfit for someone making their first steps in to royal life. 




I’ve managed to locate an affordable copycat from one of my favourite brands, ASOSTheir long sleeve shift dress with ruffle front, in a blush shade, is similar to Sofia’s. It would make a perfect piece for a christening or another occasion requiring a chic yet modest approach. The best part is the dress is only £46.50 ($58).