Crown Princess Victoria at the Baltic Sea Seminar

On the 2nd September 2016, Victoria attended the Baltic Sea Seminar in Dalarö. Victoria is a passionate environmentalist, particularly concerning the Baltic Sea which surrounds Sweden, and was personally invited to the event. The event works by "bringing together public and private sector organisations and the public for discussion." 




Victoria was wearing a new dress by Danish fashion house and favourite brand of Crown Princess Mary, Baum und Pfergarten. She was wearing the Agnete, a printed dress with a smock waist and long sleeves. It's classic Victoria: understated, professional and timeless. 

For the copycat I've gone with another blue dress with long sleeves and a smock waist. The dress is from Lucky Brand and retails for X. It's slightly darker than Victoria's but the print is similar and the silhouette is a close match. 

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