Prices of the outfits for the royal ladies so far

Our editors, Sarah and Heaven, have compiled a list of prices for the royal ladies of our site. You can see the comparison between the amount spent by the women as of April 24, 2017. 

Of those we cover on our site, Princess Charlene of Monaco, by far, has spent the most on clothes, shoes, and accessories so far in 2017*. In total, she has spent $39,008.97 (€36,790.76 or £31,275.14). The average price of the items she has worn amounts to €4,598.85. 

Stats for Princess Charlene of Monaco

Stats for Princess Charlene of Monaco

Coming in next is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. She spent €22,749.15 so far in 2017 with the average price being €874.97. So far, 21 items have been identified. 

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is next spending €21,848.58 so far this year; she has spent an average of €1,285.21 per piece, and she has 17 items identified. 

Princess Sofia of Sweden, narrowly beating Queen Letizia of Spain, ranks fourth on our list. The Princess has spent €19,872.02 in 2017 with 13 pieces identified with the price. The average price for what she has been seen in totals to €1,168.94. Queen Letizia has spent €19,608.77 with 31 pieces identified. The average price per item for her is €560.25.

Princess Marie of Denmark ranks sixth, spent €11,284.08 and has an average price of €868.01. We have identified ten items with a price and are working to identify more new UFOs for 2017. Next is Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Madeleine has spent €10,355.35 so far with the average price for her items being €941.40. UFO No More identified 11 pieces with the price.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden comes eighth with €12,620.64 being spent in 2017. She has had 24 items identified with the price. Her average price per piece is €525.86.

From our calculations, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway comes in last for the amount spent; we need to stress that her numbers could be much higher, but due to her having ten new UFOs, it is hard to have an accurate number. Our teams have identified two of her outfits in 2017 with the price. Mette-Marit has spent €1,858.00 in total and averaged €929.00 per piece.

You can see all of the statistics from our graph above. Some custom items have been excluded. For comparison, we included statistics for the Duchess of Cambridge, who has outspent the other royal ladies in Europe.

The final list stands at (including the Duchess of Cambridge): 

1. Duchess of Cambridge

2. Princess Charlene of Monaco

3. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

4. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

5. Princess Sofia of Sweden

6. Queen Letizia of Spain

7. Princess Marie of Denmark

8. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

9. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

10. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

*The peach color with Charlene's data represents estimated prices as many of her pieces were couture. The ending total for the amount she has spent thus far could be higher. 

A Note About Crediting Finds

One of the main things we do on this blog is identify royals’ fashion new and old.  It is one of the core functions of this site.  Lately, we’ve noticed a trend when it comes to fashion identification (both royal and not) that we need to call out….writers, bloggers, sites, etc. not crediting where they got their finds or even worse trying to pass off finds as their own.  So, we decided to explain our frustration with this and hopefully convey the importance of proper credit.

Before we get too far in, we should say that there are many great blogs that do credit their finds to the best of their abilities.  We always try to highlight those blogs on UFO No More’s social media platforms and on our own personal accounts.  It really does mean a lot to us, and we are so appreciative of those sites that do credit.

For those that don’t, sometimes we feel like we’re being plagiarized.  Allow us to explain this comparison a bit. When a person or site plagiarizes, they are using the words of another to drive traffic to their site, book sales, etc.  This deprives the other party of traffic, ad sales, book sales, followers, etc.  Similarly, sites who don’t credit fashion finds or claim them as their own are depriving the person or site of traffic.  Since fashion identification is one of the main pillars of our blog, it’s frustrating for us because we feel our site is being deprived of traffic for one of our features and something that we put a lot of work towards.

That’s another important point.  This is something we all dedicate a good deal of time on.  To give you an idea, here is a time lapse of our founder Sarah hunting for IDs.  As you can see, it’s a lot of work.  Now, don’t get us wrong, this is something we love to do, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.  But this is something we’ve seen happening more and more, so we thought it was important to call your attention to it.

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With that, we now return you to Brittani’s awesome blogs about royal events past and present!

Princess Sofia at the christening of Prince Nicolas

On Sunday, October 11, 2015, Prince Nicolas was christened into the Church of Sweden at the Royal Chapel of Drottningholm Palace. For the event, his aunt, Princess Sofia wore a burgundy, long-sleeved Gucci dress, which was discovered by Sarah. She also wore a pair of Rizzo heels to match her dress, as well as a light pink fascinator.

Nicolas appeared rather upset throughout his christening ceremony, with Madeleine doing all she could to sooth him. At one point, Princess Estelle left her seat to go find him a pacifier. Always willing to help like her mother before her, she brought it to her Uncle Chris for her cousin. (However, Nicolas already had a pacifier in his mouth at this point, but neither Madeleine or Chris were going to turn away young Estelle's sweet gesture.)

Photo: Maja Suslin, TT

Photo: Maja Suslin, TT

After the ceremony, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia hosted a lunch in honour of their grandson's important day. The Princess Couple also greeted the guests while Nicolas lay in the crib of King Karl XV. Leonore was with her parents but understandably grew tired during the greetings and ended up just sitting on the steps for a time. 

Unbeknownst to the public, Princess Sofia was pregnant with her and Prince Carl Philip's first child. Their happy announcement came just a couple days later on October 15. The Court explained to the press then that the family had been aware of Sofia's pregnancy for quite a while; however, the Prince and Princess wanted to wait until after the christening of Nicolas, as they wanted all the attention on him for the special day.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit at King Willem Alexander's 40th Birthday

On 1st September 2007 Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon made an appearance at the birthday celebrations of their Dutch counterpart King Willem Alexander. At the time Willem Alexander was simply the heir - known as the Prince of Orange - and was yet to take the throne. 

The Dutch soon to be King's birthday is actually in April but celebrations were delayed after the birth of his daughter. He celebrated his birthday by hosting a reception at Het Loo Palace for friends, family, and members of foreign royal families. 

The Crown Princess arrived at the event on her husband's arm. She was wearing a blush pink gown with silver embroidery and a black bow under the bust. One of our wonderful Co-Editors discovered that the dress is by Norwegian designer Karina Kjenner Titze. 

Mette-Marit was just one of many royals who attended the event. Other guests included Spain's Queen Letizia and King Felipe and Belgium's Queen Mathilde and King Philippe. When the future Queen of Norway arrived, she was accompanied by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in a brown dress. 

Crown Princess Victoria gets a tour of the Swedish Style exhibition at Federation Square in Melbourne (2005)

On March 11, 2005, Crown Princess Victoria was in Melbourne, Australia, and got a tour of the Swedish Style exhibition at Federation Square. Sarah found that Victoria wore a black By Malene Birger dress for the event. The v neck and sleeveless dress by the Danish designer featured a white belt that tied, and the Crown Princess wore her black framed glasses, as well. Instead of her trademark updo of her hair, Her Royal Highness wore it in a low ponytail and wore pearl drop earrings. 

At one point, the Crown Princess was seen laughing behind the wheel of a Scania truck while the photographers snapped away. The exhibition was in Melbourne until March 14 before it moved on to Sydney from March 18 through the 22 of that year.

Swedish Style was the brainchild of the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra; its aim was to showcase the best fashion and designers from Sweden. It also had seminars on the fashion for visitors. 

Princess Madeleine at her father's birthday and Canadian state visit

Sarah found that Princess Madeleine wore a gorgeous floral Giambattista Valli dress to her father's birthday celebrations on April 30, 2016, and then re-wore it on Day One of the Canadian state visit to Sweden last month.

For the state visit, the Princess was also wearing her Gianvito Rossi velvet pumps and was carrying a new black Valentino bag. 

The visit of the Governor General David Johnston and his wife, Dr. Sharon Johnston took place from February 20 through February 23. This was the first state visit Madeleine, and Chris, have taken part in for some time. 

Princess Madeleine, second right, in her Giambattista Valli dress during the Canadian State Visit. Photo: H Garlöv/

Princess Madeleine, second right, in her Giambattista Valli dress during the Canadian State Visit. Photo: H Garlöv/

For her father's 70th birthday celebrations last year, Madeleine wore the dress under a light pink Alexander McQueen coat. She was wearing a black hat with matching pink flower on top by Philip Treacy and black heels for the day. Madeleine also carried her black Bottega Veneta clutch. 

Royals from all over Europe flew in to Stockholm for His Majesty's 70th birthday celebrations which took place for several days. Princess Sofia only took part in the day activities as she had just given birth to Prince Alexander a week before the celebrations were due to take place. Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas did not take part in any of the official events unlike their first cousins, Princess Estelle and one-month-old Prince Oscar. 

Princess Marie at the 2016 and 2012 Olympic Games

Our co-editor, Heaven, discovered two tops Princess Marie wore at the 2016 and 2012 Summer Olympic Games. She wore a red Vero Moda top in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and a gray top by the same designer in London. 

For the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Marie, with her husband Prince Joachim, were accompanied by their two children: Prince Henrik and Princess Athena and Prince Joachim's two sons from this first marriage (to former Princess Alexandra): Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. Young Athena was seen in a matching red shirt with her mom on one day!

Prince Henrik was with his parents in 2012, as well. 

She was seen in various red, white, and gray Denmark team tops throughout both Olympic Games to show her support for her adopted home country of Denmark. You can see her above in one of the gray tops in 2016. Of course, it is safe to assume she was also rooting for her native country of France both times, as well. 

Queen Silvia in the Alps 2017

Queen Silvia had a rough birthday and Christmas this past year. While celebrating her birthday on December 23, she fell ill and was taken by ambulance to nearby Danderyds Hospital with Princess Madeleine by her side throughout the night. She was released in time for Christmas morning celebrations at home at Drottningholm Palace. 

The next time we saw Her Majesty was in a photo posted to the Swedish Royal Family's Instagram showing Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf after a hike in the Swiss Alps on a family vacation with Princess Madeleine, Christopher O'Neill, Princess Leonore, and Prince Nicolas. Silvia was seen enjoying the slopes alongside her family, and according to Sarah, she was wearing a heavy Bogner jacket with a fur hood lining. 

She was seen sporting the jacket for the entire vacation which was captured by many paparazzi and other guests. Princess Madeleine later shared four images of Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas enjoying their vacation on her Facebook. The family also posed for photographers while in the Alps, but the King and Queen were not present during this time. 

Princess Sofia at Prince Oscar's christening

Prince Oscar, who is celebrating his 1st birthday today, was christened on May 27, 2016, in the Royal Chapel of Stockholm Palace. All members of his immediate family were there, including his aunt, Princess Sofia. 

According to Sarah, Sofia wore a light blue Antonio Berardi short-sleeved dress for the occasion with her Order of the Seraphim brooch. She was also wearing Yves Saint Laurent nude shoes and a nude colored hat. Her Valentino clutch matched her shoes and hat, as well. She sat in between her husband, Prince Carl Philip and Christopher O'Neill - the husband of Princess Madeleine. Chris had her nephew, Prince Nicolas on his lap who was chewing on a toothbrush for much of the christening and looking to his Aunt Sofia. 

Sofia was on maternity leave at the time of the christening, as she had just given birth to her first child, Prince Alexander a month earlier on April 19. Alexander would be christened on September 9. 

Oscar's godparents were Princess Madeleine, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Oscar Magnuson, and Hans Åström. He wore the traditional Swedish Royal Family christening gown first worn by future King Gustaf Adolph in 1906. His name was embroidered on it afterwards. 

Prince Oscar's christening. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer, TT/The Royal Court, Sweden

Prince Oscar's christening. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer, TT/The Royal Court, Sweden

Princess Charlene at the Prix Princesse Charlene de Monaco Charity Mile

On February 25, 2017, Princess Charlene attended the Prix Princesse Charlene de Monaco Charity Mile at the Hippodrome in Cagnes-sur-Mer in France. This was the first ever Charity Mile to be held in the country and was hosted by the Côte d’Azur Racing Society. 

Heaven found that Charlene wore a black Akris jacket and jumpsuit to the event. While there, she awarded the prizes to the winners. 

© Photo : Kasia Wandycz / Palais Princier

© Photo : Kasia Wandycz / Palais Princier

© Photo : Kasia Wandycz / Palais Princier

© Photo : Kasia Wandycz / Palais Princier

The Prince's Palace of Monaco said on Facebook with the above photos, "This Saturday, HSH Princess Charlene launched the "Prix Princess Charlene of Monaco Charity Mile" at the racecourse in Cagnes-sur-Mer. This unique event saw each horse in the race representing one of 18 local charities. Miracle des Aigles, ridden by Ronan Thomas, won the first Charity Mile representing Action Innocence who received a cheque from Princess Charlene for €10,000. Handi-Mobile Education received €6000 and the Monegasque Red Cross €4000, with all the remaining charities taking home €2000. This wonderful initiative and first of its kind for French Racing was a great success."

Princess Charlene handpicked 18 local foundations and associations for the race. They were: Action Innocence, AMAPEI, Children and Future, Rêv’animal, Fondation Lenval pour enfants, Société de Saint Vincent de Paul Monaco La Croix-Rouge Cagnes sur mer, La Croix- Rouge Monégasque, Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, Prince Albert II Foundation, Princess Grace Foundation Monaco, Fight AIDs, A CHEVAL TROT TOP,  Just World International, CDEAM-Handi Mobile Equitation, Coeur de Course, Association des Jockeys de Galop, and Au-Delà des Pistes. 

Before Saturday's event, Her Serene Highness told Monaco Life, "This Charity Mile presents a unique opportunity for French racing to be giving back to society both here in the Cote d’Azur and abroad, supporting animal welfare, children and people in need. My thanks go to all those who have supported this exciting initiative, and I praise the charities represented for their tireless efforts to make a lasting difference to the lives of others.”

Zara Tindall at Land Rover Launch

On September 6, 2012, Zara and Mike Tindall attended the Land Rover launch of the all new Range Rover at the Royal Ballet School in London. For this occasion, Zara wore a navy, short-sleeved Bastyan dress with embellishments around the neck which gave the illusion of a necklace. She was wearing a pair of black Christian Louboutin peep-toed heels, as well. The Queen's eldest granddaughter also wore a pair of simple diamond stud earrings and carried a Anya Hindmarch clutch.

The Range Rover that had it debut was the fourth generation of the iconic line. This was marketed as the first lightweight aluminum SUV; it was also the lightest SUV in its class. The car was designed and engineered at the Land Rover development center in the United Kingdom. A hybrid version was released later. Zara and Mike posed by a silver version of the new vehicle, as well.  

Photo: Land Rover MENA (CC BY 2.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Land Rover MENA (CC BY 2.0) via Wikimedia Commons

It was no surprise that Zara and Mike attended the event. In 2006, Zara was announced as the new face of Land Rover. She regularly attends events for the company, and they sponsor and help fund her stables. 

At the time of the event, Zara and Mike had just been married for little over a year. Zara's first pregnancy would be announced close to a year later. 

Princess Madeleine at Room for Children in London

As one of my favorite royals, I couldn't wait to write about the id's we found of Princess Madeleine's outfit at the London Southbank Centre on Valentine's Day! Sarah found that Madeleine was in a new Vilshenko blouse. It was a combination of a cream blouse style and a pink one from the same designer. The blouse featured the short caped sleeves of the pink blouse with the design of the cream one. 

Madeleine wore her black Miu Miu boots, as well with a black pleated skirt by Valentino. Her Royal Highness also carried a new white clutch by the brand, SAVAS.

Sarah goes into more detail about her outfit here. You can read more about her visit here from Royal Central.

The Princess, who was on her first official engagement of 2017, looked thrilled to read with the children at the "Room for Children" at the London Southbank Centre that had just opened. The room has literature from all of the Nordic countries. 

She told Expressen that Princess Leonore was not big on reading, but she often finds Prince Nicolas with a book in his hand trying to read. She said, "He has always loved books! So when you can not find him, then he’s sitting with a little book himself, up and down, like he was trying to look into it. It’s very fun, so he will probably be a bookworm!”

Photo: Princess Madeleine/Facebook

Photo: Princess Madeleine/Facebook

She posted two photos on her Facebook page from the event saying, "I had so much fun today opening the “Room for Children” at the Southbank Centre in London.”

Princess Madeleine at the "Room for Children". Photo: Princess Madeleine/Facebook

Princess Madeleine at the "Room for Children". Photo: Princess Madeleine/Facebook

The "Room for Children" was created by the Swedish Institute and the Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern Stockholm. The Poetry Library and Embassy of Sweden in London helped in the building of the room with the help of the Nordic Embassies and Representations in London, UK. Furthermore, IKEA and Swedish publishers were of assistance.

The aim is to get children from ages 0 to 10 to read. The library will remain open throughout 2017.

This was Princess Madeleine's first official engagement in London since moving there after the birth of Prince Nicolas in 2015.

Queen Rania at Crown Princess Victoria's wedding

Royals from all over the world traveled to Stockholm in June 2010 for the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling, now Prince Daniel, at Stockholm Cathedral.

Queen Rania wore a 3/4 sleeved purple Antonio Berardi gown with her Order of the Seraphim, a Swedish order of chivalry she was granted in 2003. Her Majesty was wearing purple shoes which perfectly matched her gown. She had her hair in an updo with the simple, but stunning, Boucheron Bracelet Tiara. She attended the nuptials with her husband, King Abdullah II and their oldest daughter, Princess Iman. 

Queen Rania on the terrace of the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Her daughter, Princess Iman is to her right. Photo: Prolineserver via Wikimedia Commons

Queen Rania on the terrace of the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Her daughter, Princess Iman is to her right. Photo: Prolineserver via Wikimedia Commons

Victoria and Daniel married on June 19, 2010 - exactly 34 years after the Princess's parents King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia exchanged vows. The wedding was called by some "Europe's biggest royal wedding since the Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981." 

You can check out the outfits of other royal ladies at the wedding on our blog! You can see Princess Charlene's outfit here and Crown Princess Mette-Marit's gown here

Princess Marie at a State Dinner for the Prince of Wales

In March 2012, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall carried out an official tour of Denmark. This tour was conducted in a busy year as the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. This tour was conducted as a way of linking Scandinavia and the United Kingdom in such a momentous year. 

On the third day of the tour they took part in a state dinner at Amalienborg. This wasn't a full white tie occasion so there were no tiaras but it was still a glitzy occasion complete with ball gowns. 

Mary wore a midnight blue dress with a delicate detail on the shoulder. The dress was designed by Roberto Cavalli, as identified by one of our incredible co-founders. 

It seems it was a joyful occasion all around. Everyone from Queen Margrethe to Princess Benedikte were present at the event to welcome the British contingent and Marie and Joachim were spotted laughing together. 

Princess Märtha Louise attends the wedding of the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg

Princess Märtha Louise wore a TSH metallic silver one shouldered gown for the gala dinner for the wedding of Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Duke of Luxembourg and the Belgian, Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy on October 19, 2012, at the Grand Ducal Palace. She also had the Order of St. Olav- a Norwegian order of chivalry- on her left shoulder. 

She wore her brown hair down with the King Olav's Gift Tiara. The Royal Order of Splendor said that this is Märtha Louise's only personal tiara. 

The couple married in a civil ceremony earlier that day in Luxembourg's Town Hall. They would have a religious wedding on October 20, 2012, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg. 

Princess Märtha Louise attended with her younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon and sister-in-law, Crown Princess Mette-Marit. Her parents, King Harald and Queen Sonja were also in attendance. 

Royals from all over the world were in attendance at the wedding festivities for the heir to Luxembourg's throne. They included, but were not limited to, Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, King Willem-Alexander (then Prince) and Queen Maxima (then Princess) of the Netherlands, and Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Queen Rania at Great Arab Revolt Centennial celebration 2016

In June 2016, Queen Rania attended the Great Arab Revolt Centennial celebration alongside her family. For the celebration, Heaven found that she wore a gorgeous Etro teal gown. The gown had beautiful gold embellishments, as well down the front. She had a gold headband in her hair to match. Rania carried a Dior clutch and wore green drop earrings. 

King Abdullah II, Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Muna, and Princess Salma attended with the Queen. The King was dressed in his military uniform, as expected. 

The Great Arab Revolt began in June 1916 when independence from the Ottoman Empire was declared by Sherif Hussein bin Ali. The plan was to created a unified Arab state from Syria to Yemen. They had the assistance of Great Britain and France. The revolt ended in October 1918.

Sherif Hussein bin Ali's son was King Abduallah I of Jordan - who is the current King's great grandfather - making Sherif King Abdullah II's great great grandfather. 

Crown Princess Victoria at 2016 World Water Week

On September 1, 2016, Crown Princess Victoria attended and gave remarks at World Water Week in Stockholm, which is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

The Crown Princess is a huge advocate for the environment and is an ambassador for the United Nations Global Sustainability Goals. 

Sarah discovered that the Crown Princess wore an old Prada printed dress with By Malene Birger heels for the High Level Speaker's Session where she gave the opening speech. She focused on the unhealthy water in the Baltic Sea and how parents in Sweden were forced to tell their children that they could not swim in the sea. You can hear her remarks, in English, below. 

Victoria also carried her Abro clutch. Sarah believes she also wore her Dulong Jewlery Luna necklace with small golden hoop earrings. 

World Water Week began in 1991. King Carl XVI Gustaf, Prince Carl Philip, and Crown Princess Victoria are all known to attend the events during the week each year in Stockholm. 

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie in Berlin to launch Great Britain MINI Tour

On January 17, 2013, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York were in Berlin, Germany, to launch the Great Britain MINI Tour. 

For this event, Princess Beatrice wore a green Jonathan Saunders dress under a black Burberry coat with a black belt and gold buckle. Her Royal Highness was also wearing black tights and a pair of black Kurt Geiger heels.

Princess Eugenie was wearing an off-white Mulberry coat with black tights. 

They both wore German and British flag pins on their coats. The sisters were seen posing with a Mini Cooper car painted to look like the British flag in front of the famous Brandenburg Gate. They posed after they had driven down the one way street in the car as a way of promoting GREAT. 

They also visited the British School in Berlin and met with the students there. Furthermore, they visited the e-commerce company Zalando where they posed in a giant British flag credit card for the cameras. 

Their Royal Highnesses were in Germany to support the British government's GREAT campaign. The campaign was created to promote the United Kingdom abroad. They went on to visit Hanover on January 18. Their father, Prince Andrew, funded the trip.

Crown Princess Mary presents the Loye Prize in 2012

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wore a beautiful orange short sleeved dress by Marc Jacobs to present the Loye Prize on August 24, 2012 at the Danish Museum of Art & Design for the St. Petersburg Loye Prize and Medals Ceremony. The dress tied around the waist and had a keyhole neckline.

Mary also wore nude Prada heels and gold jewelry including a Cenius & Black ring on her right hand and earrings and a necklace by Dulong. 

Mary traveled to the museum to present the award to the best Danish jewelry designers and goldsmiths. She was also shown some of the jewelry exhibits on display. 

The Crown Princess has presented these awards on many occasions, for example in 2015 at the Round Tower in Copenhagen.

Princess Charlene at 56th Monte Carlo Television Festival

On June 12, 2016, Princess Charlene attended the opening ceremony of the 56th annual Monte Carlo Television Festival alongside Prince Albert. She wore a white Roland Mouret Ives Stretch Crepe gown to the event. It had capped sleeves and a plunging neckline. 

She had her trademark red lipstick and a Cartier diamond necklace and earrings. 

Prince Albert is the Honorary President of the Festival. The Princess also spoke during the invitation-only ceremony. 

Prince Albert made sure to express his solidarity with the American people after the Orlando nightclub terror attack that had happened the same day. Albert, who is half-American, said, "I learned with dismay the heinous killing of Orlando. I bow before the victims, the pain of their families, suffering injuries. The hatred will be defeated. I asked Mr. President Obama to accept assurance of my sadness and my highest consideration.”

The event ran from June 12th till the 16th in Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum. It was created by Albert's father, Prince Rainer, in 1961. It honors and celebrates those on the small screen. Over 3,000 interviews took place during the event with 250 journalists there to cover it.