UFO No More Podcast Episode 11: UFO No More Founder Sarah (aka TheRoyalsAndI)

On this week, Laura was joined by the woman who created UFO No More, Sarah.  Sarah also runs a Swedish blog theroyalsandi.com.  Sarah and Laura discuss all the latest happenings with the Swedish Royal Family, most notably Princess Adrienne's name and duchy, Princess Madeleine's Instagram, and news that more Swedish royal Instagrams may be on the way.  We also spend time answering the great questions we received on Twitter and Tumblr.  Highlights were some insights on how to hunt for royal fashion and some fashion scoop about Princess Madeleine.

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Laura's Note: I normally try to write these posts in third person, but I just have to say how much Sarah means to me.  She gave me a shot at royal blogging when I was pretty unknown and has given me complete control over the podcast.  After we were done recording the podcast, Sarah said such kind things about the podcast.  It means a whole lot to me, and you all need to know that Sarah is just as sweet as she seems.

On that happy note, have a great week everyone.  Same time and place next week!