How Much Is It Worth?!

NOTE: This is a constantly updating post and subject to change as pieces are identified. If you would like to contribute to finding the UFOs from 2018, visit our comprehensive breakdown HERE.

As is becoming our annual tradition, Heaven and I have sat down with our notes, spreadsheets and calculators to bring you a comprehensive look at the value of the new clothing of 14 different royal ladies from around the world. Last year we brought you the number for 11 different ladies, and we heard your requests for us to include a few others. We are so happy to be able to include Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and the Duchess of Sussex this year, per your request, in addition to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

You will notice that Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan is not on this year's list as she was last year. After discussions with the Royal Hashemite Court and the Office of Her Majesty, we have taken Her Majesty out of our tally and off of our website as to not cause any “damage” to her from our calculations of the yearly worth of her clothing. As a result of our discussions with members of the Court, we determine it was best for Her Majesty and to remove her from our tally and website.

When we calculate costs we break down the numbers into 3 categories:

  1. Pieces that remain UFO (Unidentified Fashion Objects)

  2. Pieces that are identified and costs can be found

  3. Pieces where the designer is known but the design is custom or a price us unknown

In very few instances, we will estimate a price of an article of clothing. This occurs when the piece is similar to a “base model” being sold and there are minor details changed (color, neckline, sleeves, etc). Out of 1,663 new pieces debuted this year by these ladies - only 34 of these pieces did we estimate a price. We mention this in an effort to convey the most transparent and accurate view of the costs.

Totals in Euros (Descending by 2018 Total)

Now onto the data! In total, these 14 royal ladies debuted clothing retailing over 1,195,497 € ($1,281,524 USD) during 2018 on clothings and accessories. This 1,195,497 € ($1,281,524 USD) takes into account the 1,095 pieces which were identified with costs or had costs estimated. Excluded from this tally was 568 pieces where the pieces remain UFO or are custom pieces.

Average Price-Per-Piece in Euros

We acknowledge that some of these tallies could be higher because a royal has more pieces identified than others - which is why we include the average price-per-piece graphic for you below. These numbers are calculated by dividing the cost of pieces we have prices for by the number of pieces we have prices for (Example: Even though Princess Charlene of Monaco had 51 new pieces, we divided her total amount by 24 because that was how many pieces we had prices for). This gives us a better idea of her spending habits and trends.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex has taken over the top spot in her first year as a royal. We have calculated her new clothing worth to be a whooping 479,048 € ( $509,278 USD) this year. That number is likely higher because only 256 pieces out of her 324 new pieces have prices and thus are included in this amount. One factor that we have tossed back in forth as we have watched this number climb is that included in this number are her Cartier Reflection Wedding Bracelet and Earrings. The idea has been bounced around that they were gifts from Prince Charles, which would see them removed from our tally because we do not include gifts from family members or Government Officials, however because the Palace has not confirmed either way we leave them in. The earrings and bracelet carry a hefty price tag of 206,022€ ($233,000 USD) so if they were indeed gifts, her total spending would be 273,026 € ($286,278 USD) which still has her in the top spot. Another thing to note is that her wedding ceremony gown is not included, as it was completely custom made for her by Givenchy and thus has no retail price. Her Stella McCartney gown is included as the designer released a near identical design. (Visit Meghan’s Mirror’s post for a further analysis)

Embed from Getty Images

With the second highest amount, Crown Princess Mary comes next in the line up. With her 2018 wardrobe additions costing 102,914€ ($144,349 USD) for 105 pieces and debuting 170 pieces, she certainly has been stepping up her “fashion game” in the past few years. Mixing local and couture designers her average price-per-piece was 980€ ($1,089 USD), putting her in the middle of the ranking for our cost-for-pieces tally. (Visit Princess Marie’s Closet’s post for a further analysis)

Embed from Getty Images

Next up is Sophie, Countess of Wessex who’s debuted 85 new pieces this year - totaling 86,675€ ($91,939 USD) for 60 of those pieces. She ranked 3rd highest on the average cost-per-piece with an average of 1,444€ ($1,532 USD) for 2018. Following her was Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who debuted 117 new pieces this year. Of those 117 pieces, only 81 of them factored into her 80,237€ ($85,097 USD) total. While her numbers are lower than last year, it should be remembered that she also had a maternity leave during this year which left her out of the public eye for a few months.

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Charlene always manages to find herself in the middle of the “rankings”; however, for 2 years in a row she remains in the top spot for average price-per-piece. Her total amount was 61,390€ ($65,178 USD) for 24 out of 51 total new pieces. While this total puts her in the middle, her price-per-piece average came in at 2,557€ ($2,715 USD) which was about 705€ ($733 USD) higher than the Duchess of Sussex who took the number 2 spot in the price-per-piece tally.

Embed from Getty Images

Next up, was Queen Maxima of the Netherlands - whose new clothing retail value is probably double what we have calculated as we only have prices for 48 of her 108 new pieces for 2018; this resulted in a tally of 56,805€ ($60,383 USD). Most of her new pieces were custom pieces, many from Natan which result in 60 pieces where prices were unknown or remained unidentified- therefore excluded.

Embed from Getty Images

Another new addition to our tally this year was Princess Beatrice who totaled in at 56,363€ ($59,817 USD) for 62 out of 88 new pieces. With her sister’s wedding being a major event in their family this year, Princess Beatrice made sure that she dressed the part all year long introducing Gucci designs into her wardrobe and continuing her love for loafer shoes.

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Marie comes next in the tally spending 49,408 € ($58,042.70 USD) on 59 out of 96 new pieces. Her year saw her wearing Elie Saab for the first time, much to Heaven’s great pleasure! Her biggest splurge of the year was a new selection of jewels from her favorite designer Christine Hvelplund, which raised her average price-per-piece to 843€ ($967 USD). (Visit Princess Marie’s Closet’s post for a further analysis)

Embed from Getty Images

The first Swede on the list is Crown Princess Victoria who debuted 133 new pieces this year. Continuing her pattern of championing Scandinavian designers, her total comes in to 44,095 € ($47,127 USD) for 98 of those pieces. Her choice to majorly favor Scandinavian designers resulted in her average price-per-piece being one of the lowest at 449€ ($480 USD). (Visit The Royals & I’s post for a further breakdown)

Embed from Getty Images

Next up is Queen Letizia, who continued her love of high street brands which allowed her to debut 196 new pieces but remain a low figure on the tally. While 107 of those pieces factored into her total of 42,448€ ($45,054 USD) - it is safe to say that she knows how to get the most “bang-for-her-buck”.

Embed from Getty Images

Next is Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, who was also away from the public eye for most of the year on medical leave. Spending 41,027€ ($43,594 USD) on 52 of her 76 new pieces, 2018 saw her splurging more a couple specialty pieces. Her price-per-piece average came to 789€ ($838 USD). *We have talked to the royal court and determined that one of items had a wrong identification and it was thus taken out of the total number until the correct identification could be confirmed*

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Eugenie had an exciting year - both in her personal life and in fashion. Marrying Jack Brooksbank this autumn wearing a custom gown designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, her wedding weekend accounted for many custom gowns and outfits which are sure to bring her actual numbers up. She finished the year with a total of 37,512 € ($39,818 USD) for 43 out of her 60 new pieces this year. (Note: Her wedding outfits are not included in these numbers because they were custom made and therefore we don’t have a price for them)

Finishing our tally are Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Princess Sofia’s total came to 30,844€ ($33,049 USD) for the year which accounts for 72 of her 118 new pieces debuted this year. Princess Madeleine spent most of the year out of public eye, giving birth to Princess Adrienne and relocating her family to Florida which accounted for her low numbers. Her total came to 26,398€ ($28,493 USD) for 24 out of her 39 new pieces. However, when she did debut a new piece - it was typically from a luxury brand, as seen in her average price-per-piece amount of 1,099€ ($1,187 USD). (Visit The Royals & I’s post for a further breakdown)

In summary, the standings from 2018 are:

  1. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

  2. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

  3. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

  4. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

  5. Princess Charlene of Monaco

  6. Queen Maxima of Netherlands

  7. Princess Beatrice

  8. Princess Marie of Denmark

  9. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

  10. Queen Letizia of Spain

  11. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

  12. Princess Eugenie

  13. Princess Sofia of Sweden

  14. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Did any of these numbers surprise you? Leave a comment and let us know!

**At face value our calculations are what the royal’s clothes are worth, and in theory, what they would cost for you or I to buy. However, we are not saying that these calculations are what the royals ladies specifically spent, as we cannot verify that. We fully recognize that royals may receive discounts, shop sales, or be gifted some of these pieces. However, in order to stay objective, we made the decision to only use the full retail value of the pieces so that we do not show bias. These numbers should be viewed as the retail cost of their new pieces, rather than the exact number they personally spent.**

If you would like to use these numbers for your own article - please make sure to credit us and link back to our original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send us an email .

Swedish royal ladies at the 2018 Polar Music Prize

I thought the Swedish royal ladies really hit it out of the park for the 2018 Polar Music Prize; so, I thought we would go ahead and highlight the outfits they wore last night, 14 June. Those in attendance at the event at Grand Hôtel in central Stockholm included King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine. 

Others in attendance last night were famous Swedish faces: Marie and Tomas Ledin, Niklas Strömstedt, Jonas Karlsson, David Lagercrantz, Petra Marklund and Karl-Johan Persson among many others. 

Without further ado, here are the looks:

Crown Princess Victoria: Victoria wore a red, one-shouldered caped red gown by Stylein A/W 18. She also wore a gold "Spike" headband by Maria Nilsdotter, as well as the Cherry Valley earrings by the same brand.

Princess Madeleine: The Princess was in a lighter green, floral gown by Giambattista Valli. She carried a pink clutch by Valentino, as well. For me, I can't decide between Madeleine's outfit and Sofia's for my favorite of the evening! 

Princess Sofia: Sofia was in another favorite of mine for the evening. She was in a deep green, high necked gown by what we believe is Ida Lanto (a customized version of their red similar gown with a train). Laura has reached out to them to get confirmation, and we will let you know when we get it!

What was your favorite look?

Our favorite royal gowns

We've compiled our favorite royal gowns, and we included your picks, too. Thank so much to all of you who responded!


I didn't want to repeat choices I've already made in similar posts, but there are plenty that I just adore! 

I really like the gown Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark wore to the wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden to Sofia Hellqvist in 2015. It was an off-shoulder, glittering bespoke gown by Celia Kritharioti. 

I also really like the pink Lela Rose gown then-Meghan Markle wore as a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding in 2016. 



Last but not least, I like the blue Bruce Oldfield gown Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore to the gala for the 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in June 2016. 


I am pretty biased on this one but one of my favorite is the Elie Saab gown Princess Marie wore for the gala dinner for Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday. I love Elie Saab and I love Marie so this was my dream combo and I loved the result! I think the decision to removed the sleeves was the right decision as the sleeved version would have overwhelmed her I think.

Another favorite is the Rochas gown Queen Rania wore in 2006. It's one of my all-time favorite for Rania, it's so flattering, the color is beautiful and I loved the floral embroidery.

My third choice is the Ole Yde gown Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore in 2010 for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's wedding. It was a very beautiful gown and I love the color and the styling! 



Fadi el Khoury Victoria wore to Madeleine's wedding. It was so exquisite. It was wearable art. And the picture of Victoria in it carrying Estelle was the epitome of modern royalty in my opinion.

By Frankie Fouganthin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Frankie Fouganthin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Par Engsheden red gown Victoria wore to the Nobels. It just screams grand and regal. It was also the perfect gown to showcase that amazing cross necklace.

Finally, a Erdem gown Mary wore to Harald and Sonja's 80th birthday. It's not as grand as other gowns, but the print just sings on Mary. She just owned this look, there's no other way to describe it.


Elie Saab for Victoria at her wedding concert the night before her wedding in 2010. 

Another Elie Saab, this time the gown Princess Madeleine wore to Prince Carl Philip's wedding. (Royal Central's Deputy Editor, Jamie Samhan told us this was her favorite, as well):

And this Ida Lanto Princess Sofia wore for an official dinner hosted in March 2017 at the Royal Palace. It can be seen in the video below:


This was too hard! I felt like I couldn’t betray these Swedish masterpieces:

Crown Princess Victoria's one-shouldered pre-wedding gown by Elie Saab for the concert the night before her wedding. 

This Fadi el Khoury gown Princess Madeleine wore for the Nobels and Min Stora Dag.

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court, Sweden

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court, Sweden

Lastly, this Ida Lanto gown Princess Sofia wore to the 2017 Nobels:

© Nobel Media AB 2017. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

© Nobel Media AB 2017. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

Your Thoughts:

Asten: The red gown at the 2014 Nobels. The "I'M A PRINCESS" gown.


JR‏  on Twitter sent us these:

Madeleine at Nobels and kids tea party in Al Khoury - Madeleine has never looked better and come on, this is the best royal engagement ever right?

Photo Kate Gabor, The Royal Court, Sweden

Photo Kate Gabor, The Royal Court, Sweden

Victoria at Madeleine's wedding in Al Khoury. Amazing, I remember the gasp of the commentators when the camera hit Victoria and I agree - Can you do anything other than gasp. Great accessorising, too - Lilian's tiara, Josefina's stomacher necklace, wee Estelle.

Victoria at her pre-wedding gala in Elie Saab. Baam! Except for her wedding day Victoria has never looked better. I know many don't like the foam but I do. Again great accessorising with the Cupid's arrow worn by her grandmother, the epaulett earrings.


Dianne Dunn‏  said: 

I loved Duchess Kate in this Jenny Packham ! It’s such a beautiful shade of blue with just the right amount of sparkle!!

British High Commission, New Delhi/Flickr

British High Commission, New Delhi/Flickr


Princess Victoria‏  told us: 

My favourite gown is the Elie Saab Victoria wore on her pre wedding concert. I've seen it at the Royal Wedding Dresses exhibition, it's my dream gown


Duchess of Pemberley's opinion. 

It was the Pronovias Sofia wore:

She also added the Alexander McQueen from the BAFTA's in 2017 saying, "Kate, who I love, doesn’t generally wow me with her evening gown choices, however, this one is a favorite"


Kat Es thoughts:

Mine are Victoria's Elie Saab gown from her pre-wedding concert, and Letizia's gown from William and Kate's pre-wedding dinner, Madeleine's Elie Saab from Carl Philip's wedding, Kate's light pink Jenny Packham gown she wore in 2011.

(Since the gowns of Victoria and Madeleine have been listed above several times, we aren't reposting those photos. Below are the Letizia and Kate gowns):

Europe Correspondent for Royal Central, Laura Dekkers, sent us her favorites, too:

I loved Princess Madeleine’s Ida Sjösedt gown (or skirt) with those flowers in 3D which she wore at the Polar Music Prize last year.

And a Classic one but still gorgeous is Crown Princess Victoria in Fadi El Khoury at Princess Madeleine’s wedding. A true piece of art! (See the pictures above)

Princess Madeleine in Fadi el Khoury at the Nobel Prize 2014.


Queen Mathilde in Jan Taminiau, a red gown that she wore in 2016 for a concert in the Netherlands at Centre for Fine Arts.


Crown Princess Mary in a white Erdem gown with flowers from the banquet in Norway and the Birgit Hallstein that she's worn on a couple of occasions (including the gala dinner ahead of King Willem-Alexander's inauguration as King in April 2013.

Reader and guest on our podcasts The Royal Watcher sent us:

Never again: Royal outfits we hope to never see again on our favorite royals

We've selected royal outfits that we were not fond of. We want to emphasize that we love these ladies, just not these particular choices. While we may not like a certain outfit, some of you may love it - which is fine. Different opinions make the world go around. We have also included some of your opinions, as well! 


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour of Sweden had some bad outfit choices for all the royal ladies. One of Kate's was just horrendous and never needs to see the light of day again. It was a mustard colored floral silk gown by Erdem. Burn it, please!

Queen Maxima's yellow "Big Bird" dress was horrible. It was the 2017 Spring Collection of Claes Iverson. She wore it during a dinner for an official visit by the King and Queen of Jordan to the Netherlands in 2018.

Another bad choice was the red Viktor & Rolf gown Princess Mabel wore to the Dutch pre-inauguration dinner ahead of King Willem-Alexander's ascension to the Dutch throne in 2013.


Crown Princess Mary usually has beautiful gowns but this Jesper Hovring orange gown she wore to the New Year Gala in 2013 is definitely not one of my favorite.

I also never want to see this Natan outfit Queen Maxima wore in June 2015. The top is not bad but the culottes are awful in my opinion.

Last,  I really didn't like the Akris dress Princess Charlene wore in Russia in 2013. I think it was really inappropriate.


First, I'd like to put at least a one year moratorium on any and all Erdems.  There are some Erdem pieces I like, but more often than not, they are overwrought or just plain not flattering. The one exception for me would be Crown Princess Mary, who seems to know which Erdem pieces work and which don't.

For specific outfits, I'd prefer to never see both Stylein outfits Victoria wore for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Sweden visit again. The dress from the first night was an odd length, and the sleeve and neckline were puzzling too. The shirt and skirt from the second night were equally bizarre.  I didn't care for the slit in the skirt, the sleeves of the top, or the material of the top.  Overall, the looks were just really bad.

Finally, I'm really not a fan of Queen Maxima's Etro jumpsuit that she wore in 2016 to the opening of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.  Jumpsuits, in my opinion, mostly need to be in solid colors or a color block.  Patterns are very tricky.  Patterns in an ugly shade of tan with a tan belt? Disaster. 


I don't like this monstrosity Crown Princess Victoria wore to the dinner hosted by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia for the 2014 Nobels and in official photos. The designer has never been identified. 

Photo: Kungahuset

Photo: Kungahuset

She wore the dress in image in Stockholm's airport shown above in June 2015. Photo: Jess B

She wore the dress in image in Stockholm's airport shown above in June 2015. Photo: Jess B

I also didn't like this Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini print dress Princess Sofia wore during the February 2017 state visit from Canada. 



Last, I wasn't a fan of this Jenny Packham light blue gown Kate wore to the James Bond Spectre premiere in 2015. She also was in Jimmy Choo “Vamp” Sandals, Packham Casa Box Clutch, and Robinson Pelham Blue Topaz Chandelier Earrings. It was a terrible gown!


There are two outfits I really hope to never see a royal wear again. My first choice is this outfit of Queen Maxima's. It was an ill-fitting Natan ensemble that she wore to the premiere of the musical The Color Purple in the Netherlands in April 2018.

My next choice is this ensemble the Duchess of Cambridge wore to the The Wellbeing In Schools Awards for her patronage Place2Be in 2014. She wore a Jenny Packham Fall RTW 2013 satin skirt in peacock and the top is Invitation by Hobbs “Emilia” top.


You answered: What outfits do you hope to never see again?

Our reader Rachel chose the Alexander McQueen gold and white gown from the Malaysia tour saying, "Yellow is an ugly colour and nobody should wear yellow." Another choice was the same Erdem gown Brittani chose above from Sweden remarking, "Here’s another I strongly dislike. I love the floral but that’s it. Like I said, yellow, especially mustard yellow doesn’t work for me."

Rachel also was not a fan of this monstrosity of a gown of Haute Couture by Karl Lagerfeld that Princess Caroline of Monaco wore to the 2017 Rose Ball in benefit of the Princess Grace Foundation. 

A guest we've had numerous times on our podcast, Jessica, chose the glittery black gown by Marchesa that Princess Madeleine wore to the 2012 Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce from Farm to Fork Royal Gala award dinner in New York in March of that year saying, "This makes her look like a b lister at the country music awards."

She also chose the Duchess of Cambridge's light blue Erdem dress from Trooping the Color in 2012. Jessica said, "Kate pulled a Scarlett O'Hara and made a dress out of the curtains."

Reader Ann told us she did not like this light colored gown of Princess Laurentein of the Netherlands that she wore to the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik to Mary Donaldson in 2004 saying, "Pointy boobs look good on no one."

This look of Meghan's was also not a favorite. She wore the Altuzzara dress to the Commonwealth Youth Forum that she paired with a black Camilla and Marc blazer and Oroton bag. Ann said, "It was too much. Also, for the event it didn't seem like it fit."

JustACasualGirl on Twitter told us she did not like this burgundy Ida Sjöstedt gown from the 2014 Nobels before her wedding the next June. 

She was also not a fan of this deep purple satin gown by Alexander McQueen that Crown Princess Mary wore back in 2005 and again in 2016. The first time was for dinner in New York on February 1, 2005. 

She also chose this Ida Lanto light blue dress from the Te Deum for Prince Oscar in 2016. She said, "It really doesn’t suit her, in my opinion."

Royal Wedding of Will and Kate: the guest outfits

On the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding anniversary, we are taking a look at the guest outfits of the ladies we cover. Read about what they wore during the pre-wedding gala dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park on April 28 and the wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. 


Crown Princess Marie-Chantal attended with her husband, Crown Prince Pavlos; brother-in-law, Prince Nikolaos; future sister-in-law Tatiana Blatnik; mother-in-law, Queen Anne-Marie; father-in-law, King Constantine; and one of her sons, Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece (William's godson). For the pre-wedding dinner, Marie-Chantal was in a Louis Vuitton gown that featured a deep V in the back and a small bow

For the wedding, she was in a light blue Chanel dress and jacket with a pair of Louboutins for the wedding. She was also in a blue Philip Treacy hat


Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended the wedding with Grand Duke Henri. She wore a red Elie Saab gown for the pre-wedding dinner. 

For the wedding, she was in a sky blue Elie Saab dress and jacket


Then Charlene Wittstock (she would marry Monaco's Prince Albert in July) wore a "dove-gray silk dupioni evening dress with laser-cut silk organza appliqué and a silk chiffon stole," explained the designer Akris (via Order of Splendor).

A gray Akris coat dress was worn for the wedding; she carried a matching Allegra ostrich clutch from the same designer.


Then-Princess Maxima wore a pinkish/nude lace Jan Taminiau dress for the wedding. She and Prince Willem-Alexander attended on behalf of the then-Queen Beatrix.  


Unfortunately, the only piece from Queen Sonja's ensembles from the pre-wedding dinner and wedding that have been identified was her hat. It was a white Lock and Co. hat with a feather in the center. 


Then-Princess Letizia attended the wedding with her husband, Prince Felipe and mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. Sofia's outfits have not been identified, but Letizia's luckily have! For the pre-wedding dinner the night before Letizia wore a strapless, purple (with flowers on the skirt) gown by Felipe Varela. The wedding saw her in a customized pink Pablo Y Mayaya hat that featured lace. Her dress was by Felipe Varela and featured 3/4 length sleeves and floral designs on the pink dress.


Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel represented the Swedish Royal Family at the ceremony. Victoria wore a red short-sleeved Escada gown to the pre-wedding dinner, and for the wedding, she wore a muted orange long-sleeved dress by Escada and a matching hat by Britta von Koenigsegg. 

United Kingdom:

Autumn Philips wore a purple Sassi Holford coat dress for the wedding. Her hat has not yet been ID'd. 

The outfits of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been covered in a previous post. You can read it here

For Sophie, Countess of Wessex, she wore a red Bruce Oldefeld gown for the pre-wedding dinner. For the wedding, she was in a cream Jane Taylor hat, embroidered suit by Bruce Oldfield, and Jimmy Choo shoes. 

Zara Phillips would get married just a few months later, but for her cousin's nuptials, she wore a bespoke black Philip Treacy hat and a Paul Costelloe coat dress. 

Our top picks on outfits we want to see the Swedish princesses repeat

Crown Princess Victoria


The tan/nude colored Filippa K she wore while in Rome, Italy, in December 2016 while meeting with President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy. I loved the Tiger of Sweden Defernex Bag that matched and her shoes, too, from Acne Studios Andrea Pumps

The white By Malina dress and white Gianvito Rossi shoes she wore for Prince Oscar's christening on May 27, 2016. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the Philip Treacy hat, however. 

Photo Henrik Garlöv, The Royal Court, Sweden

Photo Henrik Garlöv, The Royal Court, Sweden


I would love her to repeat her the H&M gown she wore at the Nobels in 2016! I loved the color and the shape of the dress. It looked so regal, and I loved that she paired it with pieces from the Cameo parure.

My other choice is the Elie Saab dress she wore at a pre-wedding reception hosted by the Prime Minister in 2010. I love Elie Saab, and I love Victoria in Elie Saab so this was a perfect outfit for me. I loved everything about it.


I loved her Fadi el Khoury gown from Madeleine's wedding. It's so dramatic with the embroidery, and I love the color, too.  I would love to see it worn to a tiara event with the Connaught tiara.

Photo: Frankie Fouganthin/Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Frankie Fouganthin/Wikimedia Commons

I'd also love to see her wear the outfit she wore to Gabriel's christening again. I love the color and the silhouette.  It just WORKS on Victoria.


I liked her newest Ida Sjöstedt floral dress that she wore for the Cambridge visit to Sweden earlier in 2018. 

Also, I liked Victoria's pastel Rodebjar suit with the Acne coat that she wore during the same visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


I want to see her repeat the light pink Heart dress she wore for the boat party during the celebrations of Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana's wedding in 2010. 

I have no clue on the designer, but I want to see this navy gown again because it's never been seen before in public. I'm guessing designer is Pär Engsheden or Lars Wallin, but I have no confirmation. 

Princess Madeleine


The Elle Saab gown she wore (and Victoria has worn) to her pre-wedding dinner in June 2013. 

The light pink, floral Fadi el Khoury bespoke gown for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.


Like Brittani and Laura, I loved her Fadi el Khoury gown but since I don't want to repeat what was already said, I chose the black Carmen Marc Valvo gown she wore for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce gala dinner in New York in 2011. It's such a flattering gown and I loved it when she first wore it.

Another dress I would like to see again is the Roksanda dress she wore at Prince Oscar's christening. I love Roksanda's designs and this one was no exception, Madeleine looked stunning and her styling was on point, especially her hair ! 


Like Brittani, I'd like to see Madeleine wear the Fadi el Khoury gown from the 2016 Nobels.  It's just the classic princess dress in my mind, and it's fabulous.

Another one I'd like to see is the Valentino she wore to Nicolas's christening.  It's so high fashion, and I love the gold and burgundy combination.

Photo Mattias Edwall, The Royal Court, Sweden

Photo Mattias Edwall, The Royal Court, Sweden


I want to see Madeleine repeat the 2017 Victoria Day outfit: Erdem ‘Meg’ dress and Philip Treacy hat.

I also want to see a repeat of her Ida Sjöstedt outfit she wore to the 2017 Polar Music Prize


It was a favorite of many, including me - I want to see her in the Fadi el Khoury purple gown from the 2014 Nobels and the tea party in 2015 with Min Stora Dag. 

I also want to see this dress again for the purpose of identifying it.

Princess Sofia


The black and white patterned Gant dress that she wore on day 2 of her and Carl Philip's visit to Varmland on August 27, 2015.

Sofia's outfit from her return to Darlana in October 2015; Zara black and white top, red Gant Collection coat, black Gant boots, Engelbert Diamond Hoop Earrings and black Longchamp bag.


The red Ida Lanto Couture gown she wore at a gala dinner in March 2017. I really love the color, and it fitted her so well. I would love to see it again! 

An honor to dress our beautiful Princess Sofia last night in deep red silk🌹

A post shared by IDA LANTO (@ida_lanto) on

Another gown I would like to see again is the white Alexis gown she wore at the gala dinner for King Harald and Queen Sonja's 80th birthdays in 2017. It was a really nice gown, different than what she usually wears, but I liked it a lot.


My first choice is the Ida Lanto gown she wore to the 2017 Nobels.  Like Madeleine's, this is a fantastic princess dress, and the shade of neutral is fantastic on Sofia.  I also love her modified wedding tiara with pearls.

I also chose the Zuhair Murad gown she wore to her pre-wedding dinner.  It's so exquisite, and Zuhair Murad is one of my favorite red carpet designers.  And again, the color looks fantastic on Sofia.


I'd love to see Sofia's pink lace Ida Sjöstedt dress with her pink Dolce and Gabbana clutch repeated. It was from

Photo: H. Garlöv/ 

Photo: H. Garlöv/ 

Like Heaven, I want to see her in her Ida Lanto red gown again! It can be seen in the video below:


I have one way of describing this pink Ida Lanto gown from last year's Nobels: <3

My second outfit I want to see repeated is the black Ida Sjöstedt gown from her event a couple of nights ago to present awards for the UNDP.


What were your favorite looks? Let us know!

Flashback Find: Crown Princess Victoria in Joseph jackets

Our founder and editor-in-chief, Sarah, discovered that Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden wore a Joseph jacket in two different colors for several events in previous years. She owns the scooped neck and three-quarter sleeve white jacket, as well as a black version. They both feature matching belts around the middle. 

The Crown Princess has worn the white jacket on numerous occasions, while only wearing the black one a single time. Two of the times Victoria wore the white version were for Princess Isabella of Denmark's christening and her own 30th birthday celebrations.

Embed from Getty Images

At Princess Isabella's christening on July 1, 2007, in Fredensborg Palace's Royal Chapel, several royals were in attendance. Aside from the Danish Royal Family, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Alexandra of Berleburg and son Prince Richard (extended Danish Royal Family), then Princess Mathilde of Belgium and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. 

Isabella was two months old at the christening which included the announcement of her name (Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe) - a tradition of the Danish royals. The names of the babies are not announced until the christening. Her godparents were Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark, Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Nadine Johnston, Christian Buchwald, Peter Heering, and Marie Louise Skeel

Embed from Getty Images

For her 30th birthday celebrations on her birthday of July 14, 2007, there were celebrations at the Royal Palace in Stockholm where the entire Swedish Royal Family were in attendance. There was an entire program of celebrations for the special day. The tribute was at the Palace in Stockholm and celebrations continued at Solliden and Borgholm, Öland in the evening. 

The full program and press release can be read here

Crown Princess Victoria attends Gothenburg's Symphony Choir's 100 Year Anniversary Concert

In honor of the Crown Princess Couple of Sweden hosting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Sweden for the next two days, we take a look back at an outfit of Victoria's from December 2017:

On December 8, 2017, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended Gothenburg's Symphony Choir's 100 Year Anniversary Concert at Gothenburg's Concert Hall as the Swedish Royal Family was winding down for the holidays. 

The music played covered a wide range of styles and timeframes - including Mozart and Björn and Benny. While this program of music certainly was not played back when Crown Princess Margareta and Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf first visited 100 years ago, I think it perfectly fits the celebration of 100 years: celebrating how much music has shifted throughout the years. 

100 års jubileum

A post shared by awaldem (@awaldem) on

For this event, Victoria wore a new navy top and skirt from Baum und Pferdgarten; the navy top featured pink around the waist and wrists (with the wrists also featuring a bit of yellow). Victoria's skirt came just below the knee and is a mix of navy, silver and a lighter blue mixed together to form a gorgeous design. She also wore her Tiger of Sweden black embellished pumps, dark tights, and carried her bedazzled Judith Leiber clutch. This clutch, which many won't recognize, dates back to almost exactly six years ago when she first (and only) carried it to the King's Dinner for the Nobel Laureates back in 2011. Upon arrival, Victoria was seen wearing her black Faux Fur coat from Filippa K.  

Confirmed details on the jewelery are unknown. We think she wore the Ebba Brahe black diamond hoops, but it is hard to know for sure. We are also unsure of her necklace at the moment. 

(This post originally featured on The Royals And I and you can see it here.)

The total amount “spent” by the royal ladies on clothes in 2017

It's time again to look over the amount spent the previous year by the royal ladies on their outfits. Our prices are based on the Euro for Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Mary, Princess Marie, Princess Charlene, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Wessex, Queen Letizia and Queen Rania. 

Regarding Queen Rania's (see below) and Crown Princess Mary's clothing, it is important that we mention Mary’s, we believe based on our research, are paid for by the taxpayers whereas we believe the others are not. For Crown Princess Mary, the Crown Prince Couple are given a parliamentary annuity each year which is to account for all of their expenses; additionally, Crown Prince Frederik's "personal savings" - worth reportedly up to $3billion in land holdings - also contribute (via the Sydney Herald). 

UPDATE: More information has come to our attention, and we want to clarify our information on Queen Rania. Her Majesty’s clothing is NOT paid for by the Jordanian taxpayer. At face value, our calculations are what Queen Rania (and the other royal women)’s clothes are worth, and in theory, what they would cost to buy. We cannot say for a fact that these royal ladies actually spent the amount as items could have been on loan or gifted, which does occur for some royal ladies. Additionally, we do not know if they were purchased at full price or with a high discount (like 50% off, for example). Therefore, the calculations should be seen more as what the wardrobes were worth in 2017.

We apologize for any confusion and misinformation earlier to our readers, Queen Rania, and the Royal Hashemite Court. We hope that people now take note of our update with verified information.

In total, the royal women spent a whopping 916,127.12 € in 2017 altogether - but these are only the pieces that were identified! Because there were some pieces that were custom made (like Nobel Prize Ceremony Gowns for example) we cannot give an exact estimate of what was spent. Please note that there are 347 pieces not included in this number. 

Now on to the rankings of who spent the most to who spent the least!

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.14.49 PM.png

Coming in first place was Queen Rania of Jordan whose new wardrobe was worth 267,238.00 €, with 29 of her custom outfits being excluded due to not knowing the price. 153 pieces were identified this year for her and seven pieces still being unidentified. The average price of her clothing per piece was 1,724.12 €. Queen Rania had a total of 191 new pieces.

Embed from Getty Images

Second place belonged to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who spent an average 1,580.01 € per item. She had a total of 106 new pieces this year; 74 were identified with price and 8 are still outstanding. Her total spent on outfits in 2017 was 129,560.51€. 

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark ranked third, spending 91,869.22 € this year, of which 174 pieces were new. The average price per piece was 734.95 € with UFO No More identifying 117 with the price while 43 are still UFOs. 

Embed from Getty Images

Fourth place in price spent goes to Princess Charlene who spent an average 2,575.44 € per piece for a grand total being 77,263.08 €. 26 pieces were identified with the price while 17 are still UFOs. Charlene had 56 new pieces in 2017.

Embed from Getty Images

The Countess of Wessex was next spending 58,525.03 € in 2017 with an average price of 1,194.39 €. 43 were identified with 11 outstanding. Sophie, who had 60 new pieces, was followed by Queen Letizia who spent 51,342.97 € with the average per piece at 466.75 €. Fashion identifiers located 98 with the price with 22 still as UFOs. Letizia had 162 new.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Seventh place was Crown Princess Victoria, with her sister-in-law, Princess Sofia barely nudging out Victoria's sister, Princess Madeleine for eighth place. Victoria spent 50,737.17 € with an average per piece being 393.31 €. Sofia spent 37,323.72 € in 2017 with 583.18 € being spent per piece. Madeleine spent 37,235.67 € last year with the average per piece being 1,379.10 €. There were 125, 60 and 27 pieces identified with the price for Victoria, Sofia and Madeleine, respectively. There are UFOs for both Victoria and Sofia and 9 for Madeleine. In terms of the amount of new pieces, it was 152, 85, and 40 respectively for Victoria, Sofia, and Madeleine. 

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mette-Marit came in after Madeleine, spending 25,263.26 € with the average price being 701.76 €. 35 pieces were found with the price, but there are 41 which are still UFOs. She had a total of 83 new pieces.

Embed from Getty Images

The royal lady who spent the least was Princess Marie with a grand total of 23,512.86 €. Her average price per piece was 635.48 € with 34 pieces being identified with the price. However, 37 are still unidentified. Marie had 82 new pieces in 2017.

Embed from Getty Images

The order for prices spent (from highest to lowest) are as follows:

1. Queen Rania of Jordan
2. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
3. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

4. Princess Charlene of Monaco
5. Sophie, Countess of Wessex
6. Queen Letizia of Spain
7. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
8. Princess Sofia of Sweden
9. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

10. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
11. Princess Marie of Denmark

As explained below, there are many custom pieces that have been left out and therefore the numbers would be higher for each royal. The infograph below details who had the most new pieces, as well as who has the most that still need to be identified. 

Please note that our previous graphic had a mistake in in Crown Princess Mette Marit and the Duchess of Cambridge's numbers. The one above has been corrected.

Please note that our previous graphic had a mistake in in Crown Princess Mette Marit and the Duchess of Cambridge's numbers. The one above has been corrected.

**At face value our calculations are what the royal’s clothes are worth, and in theory, what they would cost for you or I to buy. However, we are not saying that these calculations are what the royals ladies specifically spent, as we cannot verify that. We fully recognize that royals may receive discounts, shop sales, or be gifted some of these pieces. However, in order to stay objective, we made the decision to only use the full retail value of the pieces so that we do not show bias. These numbers should be viewed as the retail cost of their new pieces, rather than the exact number they personally spent.**

* We have clarified our paragraph regarding tax payers paying for the clothing of Queen Rania and Crown Princess Mary.

If you would like to use these numbers for your own article- please make sure to credit us and link back to our original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send us an email .

New Find: Crown Princess Victoria visits Nobel Museum in 2005

When King Harald, Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway traveled to neighboring Sweden in 2005, Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia of Sweden accompanied them on a trip to the Nobel Museum. 

For this visit on the Norwegian's second day in the country, Victoria wore a pair of Pedro Garcia peep toed shoes and carried her Prada bag. Her entire outfit was matching in a more beige color. She wore a short-sleeved blouse and skirt that fell just below the knee. This top and skirt set was recently discovered by Sarah. They are by the brand Massimo Dutti.

Embed from Getty Images

The Norwegian royals were in Sweden from September 1 through 2. The visit was to celebrate the "union resolution between Sweden and Norway in 1905," according to the Swedish Royal Court. 

Their trip included lunch at the Royal Palace, a visit to the Nobel Museum, worship at the Crown Princess Märtha Church, a trip to Mälsåkers Castle in Södermanland and touring various exhibitions. 

Prince Carl Philip or Princess Madeleine took part in the Norwegian visit, as well during the gala dinner. Princess Lilian and Princess Christina were two other notable participants. 

King Harald, Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon were accompanied by a Norwegian delegation which included Foreign Minister Jan Petersen, Department Director Øystein Bø, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Börge Brende State Department, Ministry of Enterprise, Defense Attaché Commander Gunnar Heløe and Norway's Ambassador to Sweden Odd. L. Fosseidbråten

Our favorites from the 2017 Nobels

After the 2017 Nobels in Stockholm yesterday, we have selected our favorite looks from the evening (one of, if not THE most glamorous of the royal calendar).

Sarah: The favorite for me was Sofia. I loved the style of her gown. I loved the details of buttons on the sleeves and how she kept the jewels matching, which complemented each other so well. I love how it was a muted lace material. I adored how it just flowed out and just looked so princess like. I haven't liked Ida Lanto's pieces for her in the past, but this was stunning. Also, I really loved the surprise of the pearls on the tiara. I didn't see that coming, so it was nice to see that they can still surprise us in the jewel department from time to time!

Embed from Getty Images

Heaven: My favorite was Madeleine for the third year in a row! I'm not a big fan of the amethysts, but there's no one who wears them better than she does. I was pleased to see the whole parure, too. What made me love the look was how every little detail was tied together; it was so on point! The nail polish, the purple details in the lace of her dress, the hair (I love this kind of updo), the clutch matching the color of the skirt and the flowy skirt were all just so wonderful. I like that this is a real maternity gown, but it's not super fitted or a tent dress; it flatters her beautifully and the color looks amazing against her skin tone and with the amethysts.

Embed from Getty Images

Laura: I loved Madeleine's look. The amethysts are a very beautiful stone but a tough tiara to wear. Madeleine wore them the best I've ever seen. I thought the Seraphine gown was exquisite.  You can really tell that the brand is the master of maternity wear. I really loved how there were hints of purple in the gown to work well with the tiara, but it also contrasted, too. I love, love, love that she wore the amethyst necklace, earrings, and brooch with it! Finally, this feels like a really timeless look. I have a feeling 10, 20, etc. years from now I will look at this and still think it's stunning.

   Photo: Madeleine Facebook


Photo: Madeleine Facebook

Brittani: I expected to say that Princess Madeleine was my favorite. However, for the first time in a long time, I wasn't fond of her gown. I absolutely adored Princess Sofia's gown. It was gorgeous! It is definitely my favorite of hers so far during her time as a royal. The color might have been too pale for her skin tone but I think the overall gown made up for it. The lace and glitter design was so delicate and feminine. She kept her jewelry simple and let the dress do the talking. I also loved how she changed out the emeralds on her wedding tiara to pearls. To be honest, I like the tiara with the pearls better than the emeralds. I hope she chooses to wear the tiara like that more in the future! 

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Victoria at the September 2016 Representation Dinner

Last September 16, 2016, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia hosted a representation dinner "Sweden Dinner" at Stockholm Palace. Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia were also in attendance where dinner was served in the White Hall. Princess Madeleine was in New York with the United Nations during this time. 

For the Sverigemiddag dinner, Victoria wore an old blue Ann Sofie Back pleated creation with black Tiger of Sweden pumps. Victoria's sleeveless gown was two layered with the top layer only coming to the knee and the bottom layer to the floor. Victoria accessorized with a glittering belt around her waist. Her clutch remains UFO but our founder, Sarah, strongly suspects that it was YSL.

This dinner is held once a year since 2013 at the Palace for people in Swedish society who have contributed to the society in some way or another. The Royal Family hosts the dinner to thank them for what they have done and to learn more about their contributions to Swedish society. The dinner is formal with guests expected to wear long dresses or cocktail dresses; however it is not as formal as the Representationsmiddags held twice a year where the expensive jewels and tiaras are worn.

The guests dined on duck liver mousse with baked figs and rye bread crisps, butter-baked pike-perch with vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and crispy red cabbage, and a dessert of blackberry mousse and yoghurt sorbet. More information and photos can be seen from the Royal Court's page here.

Additionally, Princess Sofia wore a black Kay Senchai gown. She carried a black Diane von Furstenberg clutch. 

Make sure you check out Jess's copycat look for this outfit Victoria wore last year over on our Dress Like a Princess section of our blog! It will be posted soon!

Crown Princess Victoria at 2016 National Day citizenship ceremony

In honor of Sweden's National Day today, June 6, we are taking a look back to last year's celebrations and the outfit the Crown Princess wore.

Last year on Sweden's National Day, as she does every year, Crown Princess Victoria attended a citizenship ceremony with her husband, Prince Daniel.

For the event, Her Royal Highness wore an Oscar de la Renta English Garden dress and pale pink cardigan with a pair of pale pink Dior Pumps; she carried a matching Abro clutch bag. 

It took place at Nacka Town Hall in Nacka, which is just east of Stockholm. According to the Royal Court of Sweden, "Nacka's tradition of holding citizenship ceremonies to welcome new residents of the municipality who have become Swedish citizens began 15 years ago."

Victoria spoke at the ceremony welcoming the new Swedish citizens and saying, "Today is a day to celebrate. Today, we welcome you as new Swedish citizens. However, Sweden's National Day is also a time to reflect on all Swedes – old as well as new. Many people have come to our country. During this time of conflict and adversity, Sweden is a place of peace. A safe place in a troubled world. This is a valuable reminder to appreciate and defend the values that form the foundation for Sweden's prosperity."

Crown Princess Victoria gets a tour of the Swedish Style exhibition at Federation Square in Melbourne (2005)

On March 11, 2005, Crown Princess Victoria was in Melbourne, Australia, and got a tour of the Swedish Style exhibition at Federation Square. Sarah found that Victoria wore a black By Malene Birger dress for the event. The v neck and sleeveless dress by the Danish designer featured a white belt that tied, and the Crown Princess wore her black framed glasses, as well. Instead of her trademark updo of her hair, Her Royal Highness wore it in a low ponytail and wore pearl drop earrings. 

At one point, the Crown Princess was seen laughing behind the wheel of a Scania truck while the photographers snapped away. The exhibition was in Melbourne until March 14 before it moved on to Sydney from March 18 through the 22 of that year.

Swedish Style was the brainchild of the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra; its aim was to showcase the best fashion and designers from Sweden. It also had seminars on the fashion for visitors. 

Crown Princess Victoria at 2016 World Water Week

On September 1, 2016, Crown Princess Victoria attended and gave remarks at World Water Week in Stockholm, which is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

The Crown Princess is a huge advocate for the environment and is an ambassador for the United Nations Global Sustainability Goals. 

Sarah discovered that the Crown Princess wore an old Prada printed dress with By Malene Birger heels for the High Level Speaker's Session where she gave the opening speech. She focused on the unhealthy water in the Baltic Sea and how parents in Sweden were forced to tell their children that they could not swim in the sea. You can hear her remarks, in English, below. 

Victoria also carried her Abro clutch. Sarah believes she also wore her Dulong Jewlery Luna necklace with small golden hoop earrings. 

World Water Week began in 1991. King Carl XVI Gustaf, Prince Carl Philip, and Crown Princess Victoria are all known to attend the events during the week each year in Stockholm. 

Crown Princess Victoria at the 2015 Nobel Prize Banquet

The 2015 Nobel Prize Banquet was held in Stockholm on December 10, 2015, at the Stockholm City Hall. As usual, the royals did not disappoint. Crown Princess Victoria stunned in a purple Malina gown. She wore the  Connaught Diamond Tiara and the Order of the Seraphim sash. 

The dress was V-necked with a sheer purple cape over the top half of the dress. The Crown Princess, who was six months along in her pregnancy with Prince Oscar (b. March 2, 2016), was also seen wearing the family's amethyst jewels.

Victoria entered the banquet with Canadian Arthur, who was the co-winner of the Nobel Physics Prize 2015. 

This year's banquet was decorated with 20,000 yellow, orange, and white flowers that had been donated by San Remo, Italy. There were close to 1,600 guests in attendance. 

A family photo was released later in the month of the royals at the event. 

Photo: Jonas Ekstromer/

Photo: Jonas Ekstromer/

Our Highlights of 2016

To celebrate another fabulously royal year, our bloggers will be looking back at this year in royals and highlight some of their bests of the year.  Stay tuned for next week when we look forward and share our wishes for the upcoming year.  Here are the questions we asked each of our bloggers.

1)      What was your favorite royal event of 2016?

2)      What was your favorite royal fashion moment of 2016?

3)      What was your favorite tiara moment of 2016?

4)      Who was your favorite royal designer of 2016?

We want to hear from you too!  Feel free to copy and paste these questions into a comment and share your highlights of the year.

1) What was your favorite royal event of 2016?

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström The Royal Court, Sweden.

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström The Royal Court, Sweden.

Sarah: I loved Princess Madeleine’s Prince and Princess Party held with Min Stora Dag. She made such a memorable day for all the kids who attended, and I thought it was probably one of the best ways to use her position. So many times we read about kids asking royals “Where is your crown/tiara” and Madeleine did not disappoint. She took the image that all kids have in their heads of what a “real princess” should look like and made it come to life. The fact that she also brought Leonore along just elevated the event in my book.

Heaven: It was easily Prince Oscar’s christening! It was so nice seeing the family together and also most of the Scandinavian royals together. I always love Sweden’s royal christening, but this one was slightly more emotional for me. Victoria and Daniel are my favorite royal couple, and I was so happy that they had the chance to have a second child!

Laura: Easily Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore’s tea party for sick children with Min Stora Dag.  Min Stora Dag is like Make a Wish in Sweden, and Madeleine did a great job making these kids’ wish come to life.  When children think of princesses, they think of beautiful gowns, tiaras, and grand balls.  We all know that’s not the reality, but I love that Madeleine indulged this fantasy.  This is probably exactly what these children envisioned when they thought of tea with a princess.

Jessica: The christenings of Oscar and Alexander. At Oscar’s we got to see the bond between all the Scandinavian royals, and at Alexander’s we got some absolutely precious moments between the children: Nicolas chewing on his toothbrush, Leonore running around like a whirlwind, Estelle already acting like a perfect little royal, and Alexander and Oscar bonding already. It was such a beautiful, emotional occasion.

Brittani: The royal christenings of Prince Oscar and Prince Alexander. I love how the Swedes are so relaxed and just let children be children. They aren’t expected to be perfect at such young ages. And they are so adorable! I should also admit that the Swedish Royal Family is my favorite, so that plays a part.

2) What was your favorite royal fashion moment of 2016?

Photo The Royal Court, Sweden

Photo The Royal Court, Sweden

Sarah: I thought nothing could top Princess Madeleine’s 2015 Nobel gown, but I was wrong- her 2016 Nobel gown- hands down- was my favorite. Excluding that gown, I would have to say either Victoria’s Alice + Olivia high-low skirt from the 100 Year Investor’s Dinner in October or her maroon and blue outfit from just last week in Italy.

Heaven: Probably Victoria in her H&M gown at the Nobels. She looked absolutely regal and beautiful! I’ll give a special mention to Princess Madeleine, though, because she wore a Fadi El Khoury gown for the last three Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony and she looked amazing each time. Madeleine and Fadi El Khoury are truly a winning duo.

Laura: I had a tough time with this but ended up picking King Carl Gustaf’s birthday banquet.  There wasn’t one big fashion moment here, but this was an event where the sum was greater than its parts.  All I had to do was look at that one photo with Kings and Queen and royals from all over the world all decked out in their banquet best (and tiaras on most of the ladies) to know that this was my winner.

Jessica: Princess Madeleine at the Min Stora Dag tea party. It was princess themed so she wore a gown, tiara, and her order. She went all out to embody the “princess” vibe. But she still happily got down on her hands and knees to play with the kids despite the expensive outfit. It demonstrated to me how fashion can be more than just a piece of clothing.

Brittani: This is a hard one. I want to pick so many of Princess Madeleine’s outfits! She was on point this entire year! I loved her outfit for King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday, outfit for Prince Oscar’s christening, both Nobel outfits, her visit to Gotland with Chris and Leonore, and the Childhood Gala Dinner in NYC (she re-wore the dress I’ve been begging her to wear again). I’ll go with the Nobels because everyone looked so great! I just loved Madeleine’s pink Fadi El Khoury gown for the awards and banquet!! However, her outfit to the King’s dinner the next evening was gorgeous, as well!

3) What was your favorite tiara moment of 2016?

Photo Kate Gabor, The Royal Court, Sweden

Photo Kate Gabor, The Royal Court, Sweden

Sarah: Princess Madeleine in the Aquamarine Kokoshink at the Min Stora Dag Party. The Aquamarines paired with Madeleine’s eyes are a knock out every time- either that or Madeleine wearing the Connaught Tiara to the 2016 Nobels.

Heaven: Princess Madeleine wearing the Modern Fringe tiara and the Connaught tiara as a necklace at the King’s Banquet for the Nobel Laureates!  I wasn’t expecting that at all, and I was so happy to see Madeleine going all out with the tiaras. But the Nobels are in a league of their own, eight tiaras in two days!

Laura: Crown Princess Mary gets a new tiara! Before this, Mary had three tiaras in her rotation (and one of the three was owned by a jewelry company and loaned to Mary exclusively).  This year she used a necklace she owns and made it a convertible tiara.  This offers more flexibility to her tiara collection and also sets up nicely for the future.  Since Mary’s daughter Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine aren’t in line for the throne, it makes sense to give them this tiara in the future so they have one at their disposal.

Jessica: Kate in the Cambridge Lover’s Knot again for the Diplomatic Reception. It just looks perfect on her, like it was made for her. It’s great to see the image being refreshed after it was associated with Diana for so long.

Brittani: Princess Madeleine wearing the Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara (previously worn for the 2015 Nobels and borrowed from her aunt Margaretha) to the fairytale tea party at Stockholm Palace in February for her patronage, Min Stora Dag.

4) Who was your favorite royal designer of 2016?

Sarah: I feel like this is no surprise given my last 3 answers- Fadi el Khoury. The man is a design genius. He manages to top himself every time we see a new gown, and I am still unsure how he does it (He hasn’t revealed his secret to me either… I did ask).

Heaven: Carolina Herrera. Both Queen Letizia and Princess Charlene wore her designs, and Kate wore one of her coats in Canada.  Both Mary and Mette-Marit have worn Carolina Herrera before, but it was so long ago. CH is one of my favorite designers so it was great to see so many of her designs this year!

Laura: H&M.  Being Swedish, the brand is a favorite of the Swedish princesses, but we’ve seen other royals in their designs.  Crown Princess Mary wore an H&M Conscious Collection dress that we’ve seen Mette-Marit and Victoria in before.  The Duchess of Cambridge wore a top of theirs too.  But the one thing that made them my choice was Crown Princess Victoria wearing a custom-made H&M gown for the Nobel ceremony.  It looked so beautiful and luxe, and the best part was that it was made of sustainable materials.

Jessica: Self Portrait. They were only worn by a few royals this year (Mette-Marit at the Nobel concert and twice in Canada, Kate at a movie premiere, Sofia at Victoriadagen, and most recently Madeleine at the formal meeting of the Swedish Academy), but I love their aesthetic so I was so excited every time we got to see them. Each of the pieces we saw this year were amongst my favourites from the whole year.

Brittani: I have to give the nod to Fadi El Khoury for the perfection of his dresses for Madeleine at the Nobels every single year.

Crown Princess Victoria's first event after announcing pregnancy with Prince Oscar

Crown Princess Victoria attended her first official event after the announcement of her pregnancy with Prince Oscar. The event, The Sweden Dinner, was held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm on September 4, 2015. 

This is another find by Sarah. For this event, The Crown Princess wore an Adrianna Papell sequined gown, which retailed at the time for $358.



The Sweden Dinner was introduced in 2013 in celebration of King Carl XVI Gustaf's 40th anniversary as the King of Sweden. There were approximately 200 guests from all over the Kingdom of Sweden. It was held in the White Sea ballroom. 

Victoria's pregnancy announcement came on September 4, 2015. In the statement, the Royal Court said, "Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are happy to announce that The Crown Princess is expecting their second child. The birth is expected to take place in May 2016. No changes in The Crown Princess Couple's public engagements are planned during the fall of 2015."



Sarah also found that at this same event, Princess Sofia wore a red and nude colored lace dress by Dagmar.