Charlene and Maxima stun in Stella McCartney

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands recently wore a white Stella McCartney one-shouldered gown for the diplomatic dinner at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam on 9 April. It was a familiar gown that we had seen before on another royal - Princess Charlene of Monaco.

First let’s take a look at things stunner on the Queen of the Netherlands:

Maxima paired the white gown with the “Paulowna Pearl diadem” and a very large diamond and pearl brooch. Surprisingly, this was the medium sized brooch; the Queen left the large brooch in the royal vaults. She was in a pair of matching diamond and pearl earrings.

The Royal House of the Netherlands explained the event saying, “The dinner takes place to maintain and strengthen international relations. This year the evening is all about art and culture. For that reason, representatives from the Dutch art and culture world are also needed. Earlier themes of the dinner were politics and governance, international law and international business.”

Others who attended the event were King Willem-Alexander, Princess Margriet, and Princess Beatrix. The King delivered a speech to those in attendance a the annual event in English.

Princess Charlene of Monaco also wore this gown at the 2018 Laureus Sport Awards that took place in February of that year:

Charlene attended alongside her husband, Prince Albert at the event hosted by Mercedez Benz at the  Salle des Etoiles, Monte-Carlo Sporting.

Typical Charlene, she added a pop of color to her look with her signature red lipstick. She was also wearing large diamond drop earrings and a diamond bracelet.

Prince Albert delivered a speech, while his wife was able to present Laureus World Sportsman of the Year to legendary tennis player, Roger Federer.

These were two stunning looks on the consorts of the Netherlands and Monaco. Don’t you agree?

How Much Is It Worth?!

NOTE: This is a constantly updating post and subject to change as pieces are identified. If you would like to contribute to finding the UFOs from 2018, visit our comprehensive breakdown HERE.

As is becoming our annual tradition, Heaven and I have sat down with our notes, spreadsheets and calculators to bring you a comprehensive look at the value of the new clothing of 14 different royal ladies from around the world. Last year we brought you the number for 11 different ladies, and we heard your requests for us to include a few others. We are so happy to be able to include Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and the Duchess of Sussex this year, per your request, in addition to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

You will notice that Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan is not on this year's list as she was last year. After discussions with the Royal Hashemite Court and the Office of Her Majesty, we have taken Her Majesty out of our tally and off of our website as to not cause any “damage” to her from our calculations of the yearly worth of her clothing. As a result of our discussions with members of the Court, we determine it was best for Her Majesty and to remove her from our tally and website.

When we calculate costs we break down the numbers into 3 categories:

  1. Pieces that remain UFO (Unidentified Fashion Objects)

  2. Pieces that are identified and costs can be found

  3. Pieces where the designer is known but the design is custom or a price us unknown

In very few instances, we will estimate a price of an article of clothing. This occurs when the piece is similar to a “base model” being sold and there are minor details changed (color, neckline, sleeves, etc). Out of 1,663 new pieces debuted this year by these ladies - only 34 of these pieces did we estimate a price. We mention this in an effort to convey the most transparent and accurate view of the costs.

Totals in Euros (Descending by 2018 Total)

Now onto the data! In total, these 14 royal ladies debuted clothing retailing over 1,195,497 € ($1,281,524 USD) during 2018 on clothings and accessories. This 1,195,497 € ($1,281,524 USD) takes into account the 1,095 pieces which were identified with costs or had costs estimated. Excluded from this tally was 568 pieces where the pieces remain UFO or are custom pieces.

Average Price-Per-Piece in Euros

We acknowledge that some of these tallies could be higher because a royal has more pieces identified than others - which is why we include the average price-per-piece graphic for you below. These numbers are calculated by dividing the cost of pieces we have prices for by the number of pieces we have prices for (Example: Even though Princess Charlene of Monaco had 51 new pieces, we divided her total amount by 24 because that was how many pieces we had prices for). This gives us a better idea of her spending habits and trends.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex has taken over the top spot in her first year as a royal. We have calculated her new clothing worth to be a whooping 479,048 € ( $509,278 USD) this year. That number is likely higher because only 256 pieces out of her 324 new pieces have prices and thus are included in this amount. One factor that we have tossed back in forth as we have watched this number climb is that included in this number are her Cartier Reflection Wedding Bracelet and Earrings. The idea has been bounced around that they were gifts from Prince Charles, which would see them removed from our tally because we do not include gifts from family members or Government Officials, however because the Palace has not confirmed either way we leave them in. The earrings and bracelet carry a hefty price tag of 206,022€ ($233,000 USD) so if they were indeed gifts, her total spending would be 273,026 € ($286,278 USD) which still has her in the top spot. Another thing to note is that her wedding ceremony gown is not included, as it was completely custom made for her by Givenchy and thus has no retail price. Her Stella McCartney gown is included as the designer released a near identical design. (Visit Meghan’s Mirror’s post for a further analysis)

Embed from Getty Images

With the second highest amount, Crown Princess Mary comes next in the line up. With her 2018 wardrobe additions costing 102,914€ ($144,349 USD) for 105 pieces and debuting 170 pieces, she certainly has been stepping up her “fashion game” in the past few years. Mixing local and couture designers her average price-per-piece was 980€ ($1,089 USD), putting her in the middle of the ranking for our cost-for-pieces tally. (Visit Princess Marie’s Closet’s post for a further analysis)

Embed from Getty Images

Next up is Sophie, Countess of Wessex who’s debuted 85 new pieces this year - totaling 86,675€ ($91,939 USD) for 60 of those pieces. She ranked 3rd highest on the average cost-per-piece with an average of 1,444€ ($1,532 USD) for 2018. Following her was Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who debuted 117 new pieces this year. Of those 117 pieces, only 81 of them factored into her 80,237€ ($85,097 USD) total. While her numbers are lower than last year, it should be remembered that she also had a maternity leave during this year which left her out of the public eye for a few months.

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Charlene always manages to find herself in the middle of the “rankings”; however, for 2 years in a row she remains in the top spot for average price-per-piece. Her total amount was 61,390€ ($65,178 USD) for 24 out of 51 total new pieces. While this total puts her in the middle, her price-per-piece average came in at 2,557€ ($2,715 USD) which was about 705€ ($733 USD) higher than the Duchess of Sussex who took the number 2 spot in the price-per-piece tally.

Embed from Getty Images

Next up, was Queen Maxima of the Netherlands - whose new clothing retail value is probably double what we have calculated as we only have prices for 48 of her 108 new pieces for 2018; this resulted in a tally of 56,805€ ($60,383 USD). Most of her new pieces were custom pieces, many from Natan which result in 60 pieces where prices were unknown or remained unidentified- therefore excluded.

Embed from Getty Images

Another new addition to our tally this year was Princess Beatrice who totaled in at 56,363€ ($59,817 USD) for 62 out of 88 new pieces. With her sister’s wedding being a major event in their family this year, Princess Beatrice made sure that she dressed the part all year long introducing Gucci designs into her wardrobe and continuing her love for loafer shoes.

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Marie comes next in the tally spending 49,408 € ($58,042.70 USD) on 59 out of 96 new pieces. Her year saw her wearing Elie Saab for the first time, much to Heaven’s great pleasure! Her biggest splurge of the year was a new selection of jewels from her favorite designer Christine Hvelplund, which raised her average price-per-piece to 843€ ($967 USD). (Visit Princess Marie’s Closet’s post for a further analysis)

Embed from Getty Images

The first Swede on the list is Crown Princess Victoria who debuted 133 new pieces this year. Continuing her pattern of championing Scandinavian designers, her total comes in to 44,095 € ($47,127 USD) for 98 of those pieces. Her choice to majorly favor Scandinavian designers resulted in her average price-per-piece being one of the lowest at 449€ ($480 USD). (Visit The Royals & I’s post for a further breakdown)

Embed from Getty Images

Next up is Queen Letizia, who continued her love of high street brands which allowed her to debut 196 new pieces but remain a low figure on the tally. While 107 of those pieces factored into her total of 42,448€ ($45,054 USD) - it is safe to say that she knows how to get the most “bang-for-her-buck”.

Embed from Getty Images

Next is Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, who was also away from the public eye for most of the year on medical leave. Spending 41,027€ ($43,594 USD) on 52 of her 76 new pieces, 2018 saw her splurging more a couple specialty pieces. Her price-per-piece average came to 789€ ($838 USD). *We have talked to the royal court and determined that one of items had a wrong identification and it was thus taken out of the total number until the correct identification could be confirmed*

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Eugenie had an exciting year - both in her personal life and in fashion. Marrying Jack Brooksbank this autumn wearing a custom gown designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, her wedding weekend accounted for many custom gowns and outfits which are sure to bring her actual numbers up. She finished the year with a total of 37,512 € ($39,818 USD) for 43 out of her 60 new pieces this year. (Note: Her wedding outfits are not included in these numbers because they were custom made and therefore we don’t have a price for them)

Finishing our tally are Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Princess Sofia’s total came to 30,844€ ($33,049 USD) for the year which accounts for 72 of her 118 new pieces debuted this year. Princess Madeleine spent most of the year out of public eye, giving birth to Princess Adrienne and relocating her family to Florida which accounted for her low numbers. Her total came to 26,398€ ($28,493 USD) for 24 out of her 39 new pieces. However, when she did debut a new piece - it was typically from a luxury brand, as seen in her average price-per-piece amount of 1,099€ ($1,187 USD). (Visit The Royals & I’s post for a further breakdown)

In summary, the standings from 2018 are:

  1. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

  2. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

  3. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

  4. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

  5. Princess Charlene of Monaco

  6. Queen Maxima of Netherlands

  7. Princess Beatrice

  8. Princess Marie of Denmark

  9. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

  10. Queen Letizia of Spain

  11. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

  12. Princess Eugenie

  13. Princess Sofia of Sweden

  14. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Did any of these numbers surprise you? Leave a comment and let us know!

**At face value our calculations are what the royal’s clothes are worth, and in theory, what they would cost for you or I to buy. However, we are not saying that these calculations are what the royals ladies specifically spent, as we cannot verify that. We fully recognize that royals may receive discounts, shop sales, or be gifted some of these pieces. However, in order to stay objective, we made the decision to only use the full retail value of the pieces so that we do not show bias. These numbers should be viewed as the retail cost of their new pieces, rather than the exact number they personally spent.**

If you would like to use these numbers for your own article - please make sure to credit us and link back to our original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send us an email .

Amsterdam City Swim for ALS: My favorite royal event

We are starting a series about our favorite royal events, and we detail why they are our favorites and important to us. If you know me and have followed my social media and work with Royal Central, you’ll know I’m an ALS (MND if you are in the UK) advocate after losing my mother to teh disease in 2016. Naturally, my favorite royal event relates exactly to that.

Back when she was still Princess Maxima, the current Queen of the Netherlands swam in the murky Amsterdam canals (which have not officially been designated as safe to swim in) in the Amsterdam City Swim in benefit of ALS on September 9, 2012. She would finish the course in under an hour.

I actually wrote about this event in a Flashback Friday piece for Royal Central, which you can read here.

During her swim, she had a cheering section consisting of then Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and their three daughters: Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane.

Although Maxima participated years before my mother was diagnosed and passed away from ALS, it meant so much to find out about this event in late 2016. ALS is a disease that does not get enough attention in regard to awareness and funding for research. So to see someone like Maxima, who has such a powerful influence across the globe, participate meant the world to me - and I’m sure to so many other people related to ALS (whether that be having the disease, being a caretaker of someone with the disease, or just a friend/family member of someone with ALS).

There are several royals who are taking part in the fight against ALS in various ways. But Maxima’s participation in the Amsterdam City Swim was one of action, and I can’t tell you how much I respect her for that.

Never again: Royal outfits we hope to never see again on our favorite royals

We've selected royal outfits that we were not fond of. We want to emphasize that we love these ladies, just not these particular choices. While we may not like a certain outfit, some of you may love it - which is fine. Different opinions make the world go around. We have also included some of your opinions, as well! 


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour of Sweden had some bad outfit choices for all the royal ladies. One of Kate's was just horrendous and never needs to see the light of day again. It was a mustard colored floral silk gown by Erdem. Burn it, please!

Queen Maxima's yellow "Big Bird" dress was horrible. It was the 2017 Spring Collection of Claes Iverson. She wore it during a dinner for an official visit by the King and Queen of Jordan to the Netherlands in 2018.

Another bad choice was the red Viktor & Rolf gown Princess Mabel wore to the Dutch pre-inauguration dinner ahead of King Willem-Alexander's ascension to the Dutch throne in 2013.


Crown Princess Mary usually has beautiful gowns but this Jesper Hovring orange gown she wore to the New Year Gala in 2013 is definitely not one of my favorite.

I also never want to see this Natan outfit Queen Maxima wore in June 2015. The top is not bad but the culottes are awful in my opinion.

Last,  I really didn't like the Akris dress Princess Charlene wore in Russia in 2013. I think it was really inappropriate.


First, I'd like to put at least a one year moratorium on any and all Erdems.  There are some Erdem pieces I like, but more often than not, they are overwrought or just plain not flattering. The one exception for me would be Crown Princess Mary, who seems to know which Erdem pieces work and which don't.

For specific outfits, I'd prefer to never see both Stylein outfits Victoria wore for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Sweden visit again. The dress from the first night was an odd length, and the sleeve and neckline were puzzling too. The shirt and skirt from the second night were equally bizarre.  I didn't care for the slit in the skirt, the sleeves of the top, or the material of the top.  Overall, the looks were just really bad.

Finally, I'm really not a fan of Queen Maxima's Etro jumpsuit that she wore in 2016 to the opening of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.  Jumpsuits, in my opinion, mostly need to be in solid colors or a color block.  Patterns are very tricky.  Patterns in an ugly shade of tan with a tan belt? Disaster. 


I don't like this monstrosity Crown Princess Victoria wore to the dinner hosted by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia for the 2014 Nobels and in official photos. The designer has never been identified. 

Photo: Kungahuset

Photo: Kungahuset

She wore the dress in image in Stockholm's airport shown above in June 2015. Photo: Jess B

She wore the dress in image in Stockholm's airport shown above in June 2015. Photo: Jess B

I also didn't like this Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini print dress Princess Sofia wore during the February 2017 state visit from Canada. 



Last, I wasn't a fan of this Jenny Packham light blue gown Kate wore to the James Bond Spectre premiere in 2015. She also was in Jimmy Choo “Vamp” Sandals, Packham Casa Box Clutch, and Robinson Pelham Blue Topaz Chandelier Earrings. It was a terrible gown!


There are two outfits I really hope to never see a royal wear again. My first choice is this outfit of Queen Maxima's. It was an ill-fitting Natan ensemble that she wore to the premiere of the musical The Color Purple in the Netherlands in April 2018.

My next choice is this ensemble the Duchess of Cambridge wore to the The Wellbeing In Schools Awards for her patronage Place2Be in 2014. She wore a Jenny Packham Fall RTW 2013 satin skirt in peacock and the top is Invitation by Hobbs “Emilia” top.


You answered: What outfits do you hope to never see again?

Our reader Rachel chose the Alexander McQueen gold and white gown from the Malaysia tour saying, "Yellow is an ugly colour and nobody should wear yellow." Another choice was the same Erdem gown Brittani chose above from Sweden remarking, "Here’s another I strongly dislike. I love the floral but that’s it. Like I said, yellow, especially mustard yellow doesn’t work for me."

Rachel also was not a fan of this monstrosity of a gown of Haute Couture by Karl Lagerfeld that Princess Caroline of Monaco wore to the 2017 Rose Ball in benefit of the Princess Grace Foundation. 

A guest we've had numerous times on our podcast, Jessica, chose the glittery black gown by Marchesa that Princess Madeleine wore to the 2012 Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce from Farm to Fork Royal Gala award dinner in New York in March of that year saying, "This makes her look like a b lister at the country music awards."

She also chose the Duchess of Cambridge's light blue Erdem dress from Trooping the Color in 2012. Jessica said, "Kate pulled a Scarlett O'Hara and made a dress out of the curtains."

Reader Ann told us she did not like this light colored gown of Princess Laurentein of the Netherlands that she wore to the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik to Mary Donaldson in 2004 saying, "Pointy boobs look good on no one."

This look of Meghan's was also not a favorite. She wore the Altuzzara dress to the Commonwealth Youth Forum that she paired with a black Camilla and Marc blazer and Oroton bag. Ann said, "It was too much. Also, for the event it didn't seem like it fit."

JustACasualGirl on Twitter told us she did not like this burgundy Ida Sjöstedt gown from the 2014 Nobels before her wedding the next June. 

She was also not a fan of this deep purple satin gown by Alexander McQueen that Crown Princess Mary wore back in 2005 and again in 2016. The first time was for dinner in New York on February 1, 2005. 

She also chose this Ida Lanto light blue dress from the Te Deum for Prince Oscar in 2016. She said, "It really doesn’t suit her, in my opinion."

Royal Wedding of Will and Kate: the guest outfits

On the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding anniversary, we are taking a look at the guest outfits of the ladies we cover. Read about what they wore during the pre-wedding gala dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park on April 28 and the wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. 


Crown Princess Marie-Chantal attended with her husband, Crown Prince Pavlos; brother-in-law, Prince Nikolaos; future sister-in-law Tatiana Blatnik; mother-in-law, Queen Anne-Marie; father-in-law, King Constantine; and one of her sons, Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece (William's godson). For the pre-wedding dinner, Marie-Chantal was in a Louis Vuitton gown that featured a deep V in the back and a small bow

For the wedding, she was in a light blue Chanel dress and jacket with a pair of Louboutins for the wedding. She was also in a blue Philip Treacy hat


Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended the wedding with Grand Duke Henri. She wore a red Elie Saab gown for the pre-wedding dinner. 

For the wedding, she was in a sky blue Elie Saab dress and jacket


Then Charlene Wittstock (she would marry Monaco's Prince Albert in July) wore a "dove-gray silk dupioni evening dress with laser-cut silk organza appliqué and a silk chiffon stole," explained the designer Akris (via Order of Splendor).

A gray Akris coat dress was worn for the wedding; she carried a matching Allegra ostrich clutch from the same designer.


Then-Princess Maxima wore a pinkish/nude lace Jan Taminiau dress for the wedding. She and Prince Willem-Alexander attended on behalf of the then-Queen Beatrix.  


Unfortunately, the only piece from Queen Sonja's ensembles from the pre-wedding dinner and wedding that have been identified was her hat. It was a white Lock and Co. hat with a feather in the center. 


Then-Princess Letizia attended the wedding with her husband, Prince Felipe and mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. Sofia's outfits have not been identified, but Letizia's luckily have! For the pre-wedding dinner the night before Letizia wore a strapless, purple (with flowers on the skirt) gown by Felipe Varela. The wedding saw her in a customized pink Pablo Y Mayaya hat that featured lace. Her dress was by Felipe Varela and featured 3/4 length sleeves and floral designs on the pink dress.


Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel represented the Swedish Royal Family at the ceremony. Victoria wore a red short-sleeved Escada gown to the pre-wedding dinner, and for the wedding, she wore a muted orange long-sleeved dress by Escada and a matching hat by Britta von Koenigsegg. 

United Kingdom:

Autumn Philips wore a purple Sassi Holford coat dress for the wedding. Her hat has not yet been ID'd. 

The outfits of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been covered in a previous post. You can read it here

For Sophie, Countess of Wessex, she wore a red Bruce Oldefeld gown for the pre-wedding dinner. For the wedding, she was in a cream Jane Taylor hat, embroidered suit by Bruce Oldfield, and Jimmy Choo shoes. 

Zara Phillips would get married just a few months later, but for her cousin's nuptials, she wore a bespoke black Philip Treacy hat and a Paul Costelloe coat dress. 

Our favorite Queen Maxima outfits

We are taking a look at our favorite Queen Maxima outfits. We also have a special guest giving her opinions, Josine Droogendijk, who runs the blog Make sure to check out her site!


Hands down, my all-time favorite look of hers was the gorgeous royal blue gown by Jan Taminiau. I loved how there was lace at the top and a cape draped over her shoulders. To top it off, she wore the perfect tiara (Dutch Sapphire Tiara) featuring blue sapphires. Maxima looked STUNNING that day!

Koos Breukel

Koos Breukel

I also like the red Valentino flowy gown she wore a dinner in honor of the German President Joachim Gauck and his partner, Daniela Schadt in February 2017 at Noordeinde Palace.

Another favorite of mine is her tan (and bright green paint splattered look around the middle) A-line midi dress by Mattijs van Bergen that she wore during an official tour in Perth, Australia, in November 2016.

My last choice is the light orange one-shoulder gown by Jan Taminiau that she wore to the celebrations of her 40th birthday in May 2011 while she was still a Princess. I loved the look and color on her and that it also had a cape feel on the one shoulder. 


My first choice is the Jan Taminiau gown she wore to Prinsjesdag 2015. It's such a beautiful and it looked stunning on Maxima! She recently wore it again in the official photos celebrating King Willem-Alexander's 5 years on the throne.

Another one of my favorite is the Jan Taminiau one sleeve red gown she wore during their official visit to Italy last year . I'm a huge fan of Jan Taminiau's work and I believe Maxima always looks stunning in his gowns. This one is no exception.

Next, I chose the Valentino black gown she wore in 2016 to the gala dinner for Queen Margrethe's birthday. It's not as original as some of Maxima's gown but it's also very Maxima with the fringes.

Finally, I chose another Jan Taminiau gown, this time the gold one she wore to Prinsjesdag in 2013. Again, she looks stunning and I love the combinaison with the hat.  


My first choice is the yellow/orange Natan dress from the wedding in Monaco in July 2011. 

Secondly, I like the purple dress from Jan Taminiau. She wore the dress on April 28, 2017, on the 50th birthday of her husband.

Next, I chose the ensemble from Prinsjesdag 2016 from Claes Iversen.

My last choice is the Jan Taminiau gown from Carl Philip and Sofia's 2015 wedding. 


I like the blue Jan Taminiau gown from the inauguration. This was just an iconic look from such an important day. It was the perfect gown to showcase the beautiful and grand sapphire tiara. And that cape had me swooning.

Another favorite is the red Jan Taminiau gown from the evening of the inauguration/Sofia and Carl Philip's wedding. Again, it's a stately gown that was perfect for the occasion.  It's also a fantastic backdrop to the beautiful ruby tiara at Sofia and Carl Philip's wedding.

My third choice is the purple Roksanda dress from May 2017 in The Hague at an event with Qatar's Sheikha Mozah at the seminar on Protection and Education In Conflict Zones. It's the dramatic sleeves Maxima loves done by a designer who loves dramatic sleeves and in a stunning color.  It just fits Maxima's personality so well.

And finally this floral Natan for a 2017 conference in Germany alongside Ivanka Trump. She also recently wore it to welcome the Mexican President and his wife to The Netherlands. This is a dramatic and fun dress that fits Maxima's personality but isn't too much. I love how the floral is deployed.  It's a dress that just makes me smile.

Photo: US Department of State (Public Domain)

Photo: US Department of State (Public Domain)


About my choices: Personally, they’re all very calm and well put together compared to a majority of her outfits that are “out there” or unusual. I love her in outfits that make her look professional and beautiful.

One of my favorite outfits of hers was the green dress by one of her favorite designers, Natan. This was from the trip to Japan in October 2014. The burgundy accessories matched really well, too. 

My next choice is the multi-colored striped dress/gown that she wore to the King's Day concert earlier this month. It was designed by Mary Katrantzou Duritz. The Queen was also in Natan pumps and clutch.

Like Laura, I like the floral Natan from a 2017 conference in Germany. She's repeated it since, and I love that it is getting more wear!

My last choice is the Jan Taminiau navy and burnt orange coat and dress that she wore while in Beijing, China, in February 2018.


I also really like the royal blue gown by Jan Taminiau from King Willem-Alexander's inauguration as King of the Netherlands back in 2013. 

Another favorite of mine is the blue floral gown by Luisa Beccaria she wore in September 2016 to the gala dinner for the Princess Maxima Center for Oncology in Amsterdam.

Another favorite of mine was her light pink Jan Taminiau gown with the light purple satin cape from her brother's wedding in June 2014 in Vienna. I love it so much!

I had so much trouble deciding that I had to call in reinforcements. My roommate helped me decide on the last one and this one. I love her green Jan Taminiau gown from the October 2017 state visit from Portugal. 

Queen Máxima and Princess Laurentien on Prinsjesdag 2015

For a rainy Prinsjesdag on September 15, 2015, Queen Máxima and Princess Laurentien wore Jan Taminiau and Missoni gowns, respectively. 

The Queen's short-sleeved gown was a very pale pink with floral beaded details in burgundy that were hand embroidered. She also wore a pair of matching burgundy gloves with the ensemble. True to her vibrant personality, Máxima was wearing a pair of matching burgundy beaded drop earrings; sadly, these earrings are still UFO. 

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Máxima's floral headpiece was also by Jan Taminiau and matched her gown perfectly. Princess Laurentien's cream hat was by Eudia. 

Laurentien's green long-sleeved gown featured a cape and a chevron design from top to bottom. Of course, the orange Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau stood out against the green (which actually found more flattering together than I would have thought). 

Embed from Getty Images

Prinsjesdag (also referred to as Prince's Day in English) is an annual holiday in the Netherlands where the Dutch monarch addresses a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives for a speech from the throne. It takes place in the afternoon at the Ridderzaal. In 2018, it will take place on September 18.

After the King addresses the joint session, he, the Queen and his brother, Prince Constantijn and sister-in-law Princess Laurentien appear on the balcony of The Noordeinde Palace to wave to well-wishers who have gathered below.

Flashback to the royal outfits at Crown Princess Victoria's wedding

While we have covered some of the outfits at Crown Princess Victoria's wedding to Daniel Westling in separate articles, we are compiling them all into this one piece. We are looking at the gowns worn at the concert the night before their wedding and the wedding ceremony itself.

For the outfits of Princess Charlene, Queen Rania and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, please click on their names for the full article on their outfits. Charlene was in Armani, Rania in Antonio Bardi and Mette-Marit in Old Yde for the wedding ceremony. 

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Letizia, who attended with her husband Felipe and mother-in-law, wore a strapless red Felipe Varela gown with roses on the skirt portion, while for the wedding she looked gorgeous in another Felipe Varela creation. This time the then-Princess Letizia's gown was blush and short-sleeved. It also featured roses on the skirt. The future Queen of Spain was wearing the Spanish Floral Tiara.

Embed from Getty Images

Her mother-in-law Queen Sofia wore a Valentino creation to the wedding (where she arrived with Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands). The dress had been customized from its strapless original form to feature long sleeves. The dress features floral lace on the lower portion. The Queen wore the Mellerio Shell Tiara, as well. Her dress for the concert the evening before is still UFO. 

Embed from Getty Images

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, along with her husband, Prince Edward, Earl of Essex representing Her Majesty The Queen at the festivities in two Amanda Wakeley custom gowns. For the concert, she wore a short-sleeved navy gown with jewels around the waist and on the shoulders. On the day of the wedding, her gown was a silver/gray color with a slit up to her left knee. While the gown was strapless, the Countess wore a thin matching shawl over her shoulders. She was in what has been called "Sophie's Wedding Tiara" as it was new for her nuptials to Prince Edward in 1999. 

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

While a separate article (see above) has been written about the gown Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway wore to the wedding, we have not written about the Emilio Pucci gown she wore the concert gala. Mette-Marit wore a light pink, square-necked gown with short sleeves. The bottom have was ruffled, giving off a fringe effect. The middle featured jewels. 

Embed from Getty Images

Mette-Marit's sister-in-law, Princess Martha Louise, who attended with now ex-husband Ari Behn, wore a TSH gown to the concert and a Nora Fara gown to the wedding. The TSH gown was violet, v-necked and sleeveless. Her bright purplish pink Nora Fara gown the next day, had one strap on the right shoulder. She paired it with the Amethyst Necklace Tiara.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

We only have the then-Princess Maxima's gown from the concert gala ID'd. The pink and white summery floral gown was by Valentino. It featured sheer short sleeves and, like Mette-Marit's, what I would describe as ruffles along the skirt. 

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary wore a nude, strapless Ralph Lauren gown (featuring lace around the bodice) to the concert gala. We saw her in a Jesper Hovring creation for the wedding. This teal gown gave the appearance of being strapless, but if you look closely, you can see an almost clear, sheer lace top with short sleeves. The Crown Princess was also wearing the Danish Ruby Parure Tiara, which she has been seen in on numerous occasions. 

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

For Tatiana Blatnik (who would become Princess Tatiana just a few short months later when she married Prince Nikolaos of Greece), she was able to get a taste of what was to come. She wore a strapless gown by Carolina Herrera which featured the colors baby pink and gray with golden designs along the bodice. 

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Last, but certainly not least, we are looking at the gowns Victoria's younger sister, Princess Madeleine wore. For the concert gala, she arrived on the arm of her brother Prince Carl Philip in a sky blue, strapless gown by Angel Sanchez. 

Her outfit for the wedding reminded me of Cinderella. It was a beautiful blue strapless gown by Linda Nurk. For the church service, she had a matching shawl draped over her shoulders, which she shed for the later events that day. It's one of my favorite looks of hers. She arrived with her mother, Queen Silvia and was wearing the Connaught Diamond Tiara.

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Crown Princess Victoria wed her personal trainer on June 19, 2010, exactly 34 years after her parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia wed. The ceremony was in the Stockholm Cathedral and was dubbed as "Europe's biggest royal wedding since the Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981." Huge celebrations took place all across the country and an estimated 1,100 were invited to the wedding. 

Several of the royals in attendance had their children in the wedding, as they are some of Crown Princess Victoria's many godchildren: Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.

Queen Maxima UN trip to Argentina 2016

On October 12, 2016, Queen Maxima was in her native Argentina as part of her role as the UN Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance. She had several events on her agenda while there including meeting the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, at Casa Rosada. Additionally, she returned to her alma mater, The Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. Her parents were in the audience for this appearance.

For her meeting with President Macri (and Argentina Minister of Economy Alfonso Prat-Gay at a separate location), Maxima wore a red Natan blouse and a tartan Natan skirt with a Steltman bracelet and red Gianvito Rossi heels. Her matching red purse was also by Natan. 

Photo: UNSGSA/Robin Utrecht

Photo: UNSGSA/Robin Utrecht

When she returned to her alma mater to give an exclusive speech to the students regarding financial inclusion for development, the Queen wore a green animal print dress by Givenchy, Cartier watch, Steltman bracelet, a pair of large diamond stud earrings and Christian Louboutin black heels. She carried a black Chanel medium sized bag. 

For both days, some of her jewlery still stands as UFO.

Photo: UNSGSA/Flickr

Photo: UNSGSA/Flickr

This was Queen Maxima's first time visiting Argentina as the UN Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance. About the trip, the Royal House of the Netherlands said in a press release, “She will speak about the government’s plans to develop a national strategy for inclusive finance. Better access to financial services can improve people’s economic development.”

According to Royal Central, "They cited the World Bank Group’s statistics that only half of adult Argentinians have a savings account, and most monetary transactions are done through cash. Because of this and the lack of proper financial records, it is difficult for small businesses to be granted a loan to expand their businesses."

Before returning to the Netherlands, she made sure to thank her home country for warmly welcoming her back in a press conference with Vice President Gabriela Michetti regarding her visit.

Queen Maxima's wedding gown

When Maxima Zorreguieta wed the then Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange on February 2, 2002, the soon-to-be Princess wore a custom Valentino creation. Their engagement had been announced by Queen Beatrix less than a year earlier on March 30, 2001.

Maxima's Valentino gown had a cow neckline and was made of ivory mikado silk. It has three quarter sleeves and a 16.4 foot lace train; the skirt featured lace designs, as well, as slightly flared out. She wore the star version of the Pearl Button Tiara. According to the Court Jeweller, "Rather than wearing the tiara with the pearl buttons, Queen Máxima chose to wear it on her wedding day with five of the diamond stars that belonged to Queen Emma. Emma had been given two sets of diamond star brooches when she married King Willem III in 1879. One set has stars with ten points; the other has stars with twelve." 

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Her bouquet included white roses, greens, lily of the valley, and gardenia. She wore a pair of diamond earrings that had belonged to Queen Wilhelmina. 

They were first wed in a civil ceremony at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam before traveling to the Nieuwe Kerk for the religious ceremony. The bridesmaids were Valeria Delger, Juliana Guillermo, Theresa Baroness von der Recke, and Inés Zorreguieta all wearing two toned red gowns. The pageboys were Jonkheer Paulo Alting von Geusau, Johann-Casper Freiherr von dem Bussche-Haddenhausen, Alexandre Friling, and Floris ter Haar, while the flower girls were Countess Leonie zu Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems and Princess Pauline zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hohenstein.

The ceremony had a bit of sadness as Maxima's parents were not in attendance. Due to controversy relating to her father's time working in the Argentinian government during its last dictatorship. He argued he knew nothing of the Dirty War that had taken place while he was a cabinet minister. The Dutch government would not allow him to attend the ceremony, so Maxima's mother stayed behind in Argentina with her husband. During the ceremony, the Argentine tango "Adios Noniño" (Adieu little papa) was played, which resulted in tears from Maxima and her siblings. 

After the ceremony, the new Princess and her Prince walked out of the church under an arch of swords being held by Officers of the Royal Netherlands Navy. They were then taken through the streets in a horse drawn carriage before making a balcony appearance at the Royal Palace where they kissed before the crowd in Dam Square.

The wedding saw 1,900 military personnel take part. 

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Guests at the wedding included the Dutch Royal Family; Prince Charles; King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine of Sweden; King Harlad, Queen Sonja, Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway; King Albert, Queen Paola, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark; Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein; and Queen Noor of Jordan.

Celebrations began two days before the ceremonies with 500 guests being invited to a dinner and ball at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. It was a joint celebration as it was also honoring Queen Beatrix's 64th birthday. The following day, February 1, 2002, 1600 guests were in attendance at a concert and luncheon at the Amsterdam concert hall, Concertgebouw. That evening an event was held at the Amsterdam Arena where 50,000 people attended the event organized by the National Orange Committee and the city of Amsterdam. 

Queen Maxima at investiture of her husband as King of the Netherlands

For her husband, Willem-Alexander's investiture in Amsterdam as the King of the Netherlands on 30 April 2013, Queen Maxima wore a royal blue Jan Taminiau gown during the ceremony in the afternoon at the at the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). It was conducted before the joint assembly of the States General. 

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Maxima's gown featured lace detailing at the top with a matching cape with a train. The Queen wore her Order of Netherlands Lion sash and the full version of the sapphire and diamond Dutch Sapphire Tiara. About the tiara, Order of Splendor reported, "She made a change to the center top of the tiara, to lower the central element."

All members of the Dutch Royal Family were in attendance as was many European and worldwide royals like Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco (wife to the King), Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, the Prince and Princess of Asturias, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. 

Maxima is also pictured in the same outfit in an official photo on the Royal House of the Netherland's website. 

Photo: RVD

Photo: RVD

Then-Queen Beatrix signed the instrument of abdication at the Moses Hall that morning after announcing her intent to abdicate in January of that year.

Willem-Alexander was one of four new monarchs who took the throne in 2013. The others were King Philippe of the Belgians, Pope Francis, and Emir Tamim bin Hamad of Qatar. At the time, he was the youngest monarch in the world. He held that title until Felipe of Spain took the throne on June 19, 2014.