Try your hand at “Fashion Finding”

Princess Eugenie at the UNAIDS Gala 2016

On 13 June 2016, Princess Eugenie attended the UNAIDS Gala. Tickets at the event are highly sought after, with tables going as high a £70,000. Jessica found that she wore a red, short sleeved dress with a cowl neck by Alexander McQueen. She also carried a black Prada clutch and black Zara heels.

The Princess delivered a speech at the event, but what she said to those assembled is still unknown. The event took place in Basel, Switzerland. The previous year it took place in Geneva, Switzerland.

Guests were treated to music by Duran Duran, seen in the image above. 

Other big names at the event were Keanu Reeves and Kofi Annan. They were all there to help raise money for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and treatment of the disease. 

Former United Nations Secretary-General Annan was honored that evening for his work with AIDS and the money he's raised towards the cause. As of 2016, he has raised over one million dollars. 

Stay tuned as Jess has a copy of this dress that you can buy for a more affordable price! Check it out here

Autumn Phillips at Royal Ascot in 2013

The wedding of Peter and Autumn Phillips