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Highlights of 2017

2017 is almost gone, and our editors took the time to share their thoughts on some of the big events and fashion highs of 2017.

UK-Spain State Visit

One of the most talked about events was when King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited the UK.  The visit had been postponed creating more anticipation.  The visit did not disappoint.  On the tiara front, there was much excitement.  It was Letizia's second outing wearing the Fleur de Lys tiara (aka La Buena), the Queen of the UK wore the Brazilian Aquamarine parure, the Duchess of Cornwall in the Greville tiara, the Duchess of Cambridge in the Lover's Knot tiara and a new necklace, and more.

This state visit was Heaven's highlight as it was one of her wishes for 2017! She says " I was thrilled that one of my wishes happened, and this was a really good visit. Queen Letizia looked so regal, and I loved seeing La Buena."

Our editor Laura's highlight was Princess Anne at the dinner at Guildhall.  She says "this was the epitome of princess in my mind, and it was so great to see on Anne."

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Emma on Twitter told us that the whole visit was a highlight for her and that she loved seeing La Buena on Letizia.

Norwegian 80th Birthday Festivities

Photo: Thomas Brun, NTB scanpix/Kongehuset

Photo: Thomas Brun, NTB scanpix/Kongehuset

Surprisingly, it is not a Swedish event that captured the heart of editor Sarah this year- instead it was the celebration of the King and Queen of Norway's birthdays. This celebration was a family affair, complete with family heirloom tiaras, thoughtful gifts, teasing from family members, and kids raiding their parent's closets and dressing up as them. It was also a festive and glamorous affair that brought in many royals from around the world.

One of the big highlights was the white tie banquet from the first night which meant many tiaras and of course a jewel-filled photo.  There was also a boat ride and black tie dinner the next day that were also field days for the fashionistas. (we are still identifying pieces months later!)

Laura's highlights were Sofia in the 6 button tiara and the happy birthday song and dance on the balcony.  She said "It was nice to see Sofia in another new-to-her tiara, and seeing Haakon, Mette-Marit, Martha Louise, and their children dancing on the balcony was so fun."

Heaven says : " It was really exciting to see so many royals together on such a happy occasion! I am also very happy with King Harald and Queen Sonja's decision to not celebrate their wedding anniversary publicly next year as they think they have already celebrated enough with the Jubilee in 2016 and their birthdays in 2017. This is such a thoughtful decision." 

Another shout out to Emma on Twitter who called this her favorite event of the year.

Prince Gabriel's Christening

It was a year of many milestones.  One of them was the christening of Prince Gabriel.  It was a cold affair as the christening was held on December 1st. Our blog editor Brittani cited the christening as one of her favorite events. She said, "There is nothing like a Swedish christening. I love how they allow kids to be kids and how they let Estelle be part of the day pouring the baptism water. I only wish Leonore and Nicolas had been there. The good news is we get another Swedish christening in 2018!"

There were many exciting fashion moments, as well, including Crown Princess Victoria in a beautiful and festive red skirt suit that was well coordinated with her daughter Princess Estelle and pregnant godmother Princess Madeleine in Valentino.

But the sartorial highlights belong to the Prince Family.  Prince Gabriel, of course, wore the traditional christening gown.  Prince Carl Philip looked dashing in his uniform.  Prince Alexander continued the family tradition of re-wearing family hand-me-downs by wearing an outfit his dad wore as a child.  And of course, Princess Sofia surprised everyone by wearing the traditional dress of Dalarna, an outfit that has been in her family for decades.  This was a great nod to her heritage and a nod to Gabriel's duchy which is Dalarna.  Sofia's outfit was a favorite of Pilar Christina on Twitter.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Tour of Poland and Germany

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Another highlight of the year was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Germany and Poland in the summer. They took Prince George and Princess Charlotte with them.

It was one of Heaven's highlight because " it is most likely the last time we saw George and Charlotte on tour or visit abroad with their parents as George started school and Charlotte will go to the nursery in January. It was great to see them on tour again after the successful Canada tour."

Pilar Christina on Twitter particularly liked the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's day in Heidelberg because "there they have been incredibly down to earth."

The Engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Photo: Alexi Lubomirski/Kensington Palace

Photo: Alexi Lubomirski/Kensington Palace

Keeping with the British theme, Brittani loved the engagement announcement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, "I love that Harry has found someone he loves and that makes him happy. The fact that Meghan is American makes it all the better in my view, as I am American, as well. I loved their engagement interview and how relaxed she has been on royal appearances. I also think it was great that she was included in the royal Christmas this year, too. I can't wait for the wedding in May!"

Laura also is excited about Meghan joining the family.  "While it's sad to see some people pitting Kate and Meghan against each other, I think in reality William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan could become a powerful group.  They all have different strengths, and I think they will compliment each other quite nicely."

Touring the White Garden to Commemorate Princess Diana

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It was the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. On a rainy day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry toured the White Garden at Kensington Palace.  There were several touching moments.  William and Harry did a walkabout and placed flowers given to them by the crowd at the makeshift memorial.  Kate wore a Prada dress very much evoking the style of Diana and very similar to a dress Diana had worn. They also met with charities supported by Diana. 

Our contributor Samantha found this to be a touching event and chose it as her highlight of the year.

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