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Our Wishes For 2018

Like we did last year, we are sharing some of our wishes for 2017.  We gave each blogger 3 royal wishes.


1. Another royal tea party.  In 2016, we had Madeleine's (best royal event every) tea party for Min Stora Dag.  In 2017, William, Kate, and Harry hosted a party at Buckingham Palace for children of fallen service people.  I love events like this.  My dream would be to see Kate host a Madeleine-style tea party complete with a tiara (maybe at EACH).  That probably won't happen, but I would settle for any kid's party like we've seen.

2. More press around Princess Marie's engagements.  Because of my fellow editor Heaven, I've learned a lot this year about all of the great work Marie is doing (particularly around food waste).  It saddens me that not only are the media outlets not covering it but the Danish Royal Court routinely drops the ball by not covering her events much (if at all).  I'd love to see her great work recognized more.

3. Prince Daniel named a godparent.  Victoria, Carl Philip, and Madeleine have understandably used each other as godparents for their children.  But now that Madeleine's having her 3rd child, I'd love to see her name Daniel as a godparent.  Daniel seems like such a great person, husband, and father, and I'd love to see him honored in this way.


1. Laura already said this but it really is my number one wish, I hope Prince Joachim's and Princess Marie's work will get more recognition and coverage next year. They both have a day job as they are not the heirs but they do work , and they both support really important causes and I don't find it normal that the Danish Court doesn't show that. It's really a struggle to publish posts about what they do sometimes because of the real lack of information and photos. Hopefully, the documentary about Prince Joachim's work and life that aired a few days ago is the first step of a better coverage from the Court and Danish media.

2. I've said this before but I would really like to see the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle attending an event together after the wedding. A lot of people are already pitting both women against each other and I find this really unnecessary as both women are different and are in really different positions and as it creates a really bad atmosphere in the royal watchers community. I think a fun event involving causes they both support would be a good way to show what a great team they could be and how much they can accomplish as part of the royal family.

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3. This third wish is less important than the others but I really want someone (Madeleine!) to wear Georges Hobeika designs. As part as my work on Luxarazzi, I have seen Princess Sybilla of Luxembourg wearing two beautiful Georges Hobeika gowns and I can picture Madeleine in most of their designs! Another Fadi El Khoury masterpiece for Madeleine at the Nobels would also be much appreciated.


1. I said it last year, and I will say it again. I would love to see more royals take up the cause of ALS as it is so close to my heart with my mother passing from the disease on January 9, 2016. Princess Anne and Queen Letizia are two specifically involved, but I'd love to see a Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish royal take it up. Queen Maxima swam in the river in Amsterdam for ALS so it would be great and make sense if she took up the cause. 



2. I really hope to see Meghan and Harry have their first royal tour be in the US and Canada. In particular, since Meghan has East Tennessee roots in Chattanooga, I think it would be great for them to visit there (and selfishly I want them to visit there since it is pretty close to me). 

3. Like Laura, I really hope Prince Daniel is made godparent for Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's third child due in March. Victoria is godmother for Leonore and Carl Philip for Nicolas. Since Madeleine has no more siblings, it makes perfect sense that their third child's godparent be Daniel. If they have a fourth child, I hope it's Princess Sofia as godmother!

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1. I really hope for a Swedish/UK state visit where the Swedish royals go to the UK. We always see the British royals traveling to the rest of Europe to do tours but rarely do we see the Swedish royals travel to the UK for tours. It would be different but let's be honest, royals doing different things is what us royal lovers admire.

2. For Princess Madeleine to have another daughter. The Swedish royal family is boy dominant right now and another princess would bring up the girl numbers, because Leonore and Estelle are outnumbered.  

3. Taking a bit of inspiration from Brittani, I would like to see more royals take up the cause of Alzheimer's/ Dementia. Being someone who lives with someone who suffers from the disease, I'd like to see how royals get involved with it. Since Prince Henrik of Denmark was recently diagnosed with Dementia, I think this would be a great way for the royal family to start getting involved with different organizations that not only support Alzheimer's/ Dementia patients, but also their families. 


1. For Madeleine to host another Min Stora Dag tea party.

2. Like Laura and Heaven, I'd like to see more coverage of Princess Marie's work.

3. A new Fadi el Khoury gown

Highlights of 2017

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