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Prices of the outfits for the royal ladies so far

Our editors, Sarah and Heaven, have compiled a list of prices for the royal ladies of our site. You can see the comparison between the amount spent by the women as of April 24, 2017. 

Of those we cover on our site, Princess Charlene of Monaco, by far, has spent the most on clothes, shoes, and accessories so far in 2017*. In total, she has spent $39,008.97 (€36,790.76 or £31,275.14). The average price of the items she has worn amounts to €4,598.85. 

Stats for Princess Charlene of Monaco

Stats for Princess Charlene of Monaco

Coming in next is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. She spent €22,749.15 so far in 2017 with the average price being €874.97. So far, 21 items have been identified. 

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is next spending €21,848.58 so far this year; she has spent an average of €1,285.21 per piece, and she has 17 items identified. 

Princess Sofia of Sweden, narrowly beating Queen Letizia of Spain, ranks fourth on our list. The Princess has spent €19,872.02 in 2017 with 13 pieces identified with the price. The average price for what she has been seen in totals to €1,168.94. Queen Letizia has spent €19,608.77 with 31 pieces identified. The average price per item for her is €560.25.

Princess Marie of Denmark ranks sixth, spent €11,284.08 and has an average price of €868.01. We have identified ten items with a price and are working to identify more new UFOs for 2017. Next is Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Madeleine has spent €10,355.35 so far with the average price for her items being €941.40. UFO No More identified 11 pieces with the price.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden comes eighth with €12,620.64 being spent in 2017. She has had 24 items identified with the price. Her average price per piece is €525.86.

From our calculations, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway comes in last for the amount spent; we need to stress that her numbers could be much higher, but due to her having ten new UFOs, it is hard to have an accurate number. Our teams have identified two of her outfits in 2017 with the price. Mette-Marit has spent €1,858.00 in total and averaged €929.00 per piece.

You can see all of the statistics from our graph above. Some custom items have been excluded. For comparison, we included statistics for the Duchess of Cambridge, who has outspent the other royal ladies in Europe.

The final list stands at (including the Duchess of Cambridge): 

1. Duchess of Cambridge

2. Princess Charlene of Monaco

3. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

4. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

5. Princess Sofia of Sweden

6. Queen Letizia of Spain

7. Princess Marie of Denmark

8. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

9. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

10. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

*The peach color with Charlene's data represents estimated prices as many of her pieces were couture. The ending total for the amount she has spent thus far could be higher. 

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