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UFO No More Podcast Episode 21: Adrienne's Christening and Much More with Jess

On this week's episode, our unofficial recurring guest host Jess returns. As always, you can find Jess on Tumblr at duchessofostergotlands (her main blog), duchessofvastergotland (Victoria and family blog), and dresslikeaprincess (replication blog).

Jess and Laura cover the fashion of the christening, all of the amazing moments, and their thoughts (read anger) at Daniel not being a godparent. There's also a surprise mid episode when Sofia and Carl Philip posted a beautiful photo on Instagram as Laura and Jess were recording.

Finally, Laura and Jess have a discussion about royals and feminism after a great question from rifffraffrouge on Tumblr.  They are thinking about doing a full podcast on this topic in the quieter summer weeks.

Thanks again to Jess and make sure to follow her.  As always, you can subscribe to the podcast here on iTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher.

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