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UFO No More Podcast Episode 23: Recapping William's Tour of Jordan, Israel, and Palestine with Dina and Debby

The podcast is back after a week hiatus.  On this week, Laura is joined by two of her good Tumblr friends to recap Prince William's historic tour of Jordan, Israel, and the Occupied Territories of Palestine.

First Dina (aka lovingtheroyals on Tumblr) joins the show to talk about the tour.  Dina is an Arab woman and spoke of how seemingly small details or light-hearted engagements were very significant to her and how the tour personally connected to her. She also talked about the recent news that Kate won't attend the RAF 100th Anniversary Service.

Next, Debby (aka avidroyalfan on Tumblr) joined.  She is Israeli and actually got to meet William in Israel.  She talks about the impact of the tour from her perspective and what it was like to meet William.  For more information about her meeting, check out this link.

Laura is so grateful to Dina and Debby for joining. It was a fun and interesting episode to record. Make sure to check out both of their blogs.

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