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Our Wishes for 2017

Our Wishes for 2017

Last week, we looked back at our royal highlights of 2016.  Now, we will look forward and talk about our wishes for 2017.  We asked each of our contributors to answer the following questions.

1)      What designer would you like to see royals wear in 2017?

2)      What tiara moment would you like to see in 2017?

3)      What cause would you like to see royals champion in 2017?

4)      A genie grants you 3 royal wishes for 2017.  What are they?

We’d love to hear your answers to these questions about your 2017 royal wishes. Without further ado, here are our bloggers’ answers.

What designer would you like to see royals wear in 2017?

Sarah: Can I say Fadi el Khoury again? :D Besides him, I would love to see Victoria in more pieces from The Fold London.

Heaven: I’m dying for Victoria to wear another Elie Saab gala gown in 2017! I’ve been waiting for a new Elie Saab gown for two years now! She always looks amazing in Elie Saab. I would also like to see more Marchesa.

Laura: Naeem Khan! The Duchess of Cambridge wore one of his dresses in India, but he is such a great designer I want to see his designs more.  His gowns would be perfect for tiara events, galas, etc.  And his gowns are always exquisitely made and use great colors.  I would especially like to see Mette-Marit wear his designs.  She’s been in a bit of a fashion rut, and Naeem Khan would be a great way to break that.

Jessica: Simone Rocha. Her clothing is elegant, feminine, and still edgy. I think it could work on everyone from conservative and classic Kate to risk taking Charlene.

Brittani: Either Tom Ford or Michael Kors. Ford makes such unique pieces, and only designs for one person per event. Michael Kors, I love his designs and own way too many things he has designed!

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court, Sweden

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court, Sweden

What tiara moment would you like to see in 2017?

Sarah: Victoria in the 6 Button with the 3 rows of diamonds on the base! Call me crazy but that is my favorite tiara!

Heaven: I’m hoping that Madeleine will wear her Aquamarine Kokoshnik tiara because I think it’s one of the tiara that suits her best, and that Letizia will wear one of Queen Sofia’s tiara.

Laura: Sofia digging more into the vault.  Sofia seems to be working her way up through the Swedish tiara vault, and I’d like that to continue.  The 6 Button or Amethyst tiaras seem like good next steps.  There is a representation dinner early in the year that we could see a new to Sofia tiara at, but the best bet for Sofia digging into the vaults is likely the Nobel events in December.

Jessica: I’d love to see Charlene in a tiara again, especially something Grace wore. We don’t know exactly where her tiaras are for the most part but if any are in Charlene’s possession, I’d love for her to wear them.

Brittani: I really want Madeleine to wear the Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara again. It looked so good on her. It is just the perfect tiara for her, in my opinion.

What cause would you like to see royals champion in 2017?

Sarah: In a perfect world- Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- but realistically, I would love for Madeleine and Sofia to take on another patronage- I am not picky on which one.

Heaven: Mental health is a very close cause to me so I was very happy to see William, Kate and Harry tackling this cause. I hope more royals will also tackle this cause because I believe it’s a very important one. I would also like them to talk more about LGBT rights.

Laura: Mental Health.  I’d like to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry continue their work with Heads Together.  And I’d like to see more royals speak about this issue.  The only way to combat the stigma of mental health is to talk about it.  The more high profile people who talk about this, the better!

Jessica: I really love when royals tackle taboos: Mary and FGM, Rania and refugees, the Cambridges and Harry and mental health. I would like to see more royals address LGBT rights. Victoria, Willem Alexander and Maxima- amongst others- have made great strides in this area but there’s so much room to build on it.

Brittani: ALS. It’s a personal one for me as I am an ALS Advocate. My mother passed away on January 9, 2016 from the disease. It does NOT get enough attention or funding. Some royals do help raise awareness, but not enough. I actually wrote a piece for Royal Central requesting that more royals get involved in the Fight Against ALS. You can read it here:

A genie grants you 3 royal wishes for 2017.  What are they?

Sarah: Princess Christina’s treatment for Leukemia goes smoothly. Access to the Laurèl pre-2010 collection images! Finally, a contact method for Pär Engsheden! 

Heaven: It would be nice if all the Scandinavian royals could reunite for Victoria’s 40th birthday for an informal party in Öland. I’d like to see more of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia of Spain. Finally, Felipe and Letizia go on a State Visit to the UK

Laura: I’d like to see Charlene in a tiara (any tiara) this year.  It’s such a rare occurrence. I’d also like to see other European royals have a royal tea party for sick children like Madeleine did (complete with gowns and tiaras and all things princess).  Finally, I want a state visit between the UK and another country with a monarchy (The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, etc). These kinds of state visits tend to bring out the tiara big guns, and nothing makes me happier than tiaras.

Jessica: Another gathering of the European future heads of state- with a photo opp of course. A joint engagement with Carl Gustaf and his two heirs, Victoria and Estelle. I can imagine the cuteness already. Finally, Japan changes the laws of succession so that Princess Aiko can be Empress in her own right.

Brittani: One, another Swedish royal baby (looking at you Madeleine and Chris). Two, royal visit to the USA where they visit somewhere in the southeast (where I am from) so I can see them in person. I’d LOVE for it to be a Swedish royal, Cambridges/Harry, Felipe/Letizia, or Maxima/Willem-Alexander. Three, the Cambridges to be more open with social media. I really think they should take a page out of Madeleine’s book , in regard to Facebook, or Queen Rania on social media. Let the people see a bit into your life outside royal duties. Then they would control the narrative not the media and paparazzi.

Mette-Marit at her wedding in 2001

Sofia Hellqvist at her pre-wedding dinner