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Our favorite Queen Letizia gowns


One of my favorite gowns of hers was the red Stella McCartney from the private celebrations for King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands' 50th birthday in April 2017. I loved the one shoulder and cape look, and red really is her color!

I also liked the gray lace overlay gown by Felipe Varela that she wore for the 2013 Dutch inaurgation of King Willem-Alexander and again in March 2015 during a state dinner for the visit of the Colombian President. 

© House of HM the King

© House of HM the King

The short-sleeved black lace Carolina Herrera gown is another one of my favorites. It featured a mermaid style skirt. It was different but flattering on her. This specific gown has made an appearance twice: once at a gala dinner for a state visit from Chilean President Michelle Bachelet at Zarzuela Palace in 2014 and again during a black-tie dinner at the Dukes of Braganza Palace during an official visit to Portugal in November 2016. The latter is pictured below.


Queen Letizia is my favorite royal in terms of fashion so it was really hard to choose my favorite gowns of hers. I think my all-time favorite is the Lorenzo Caprile red gown she wore to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary wedding in 2004. She was not a Princess yet as she would only marry then-Prince Felipe a week after the Danish wedding, but this gown was amazing. Like Brittani said, red really is her color.

Another one of my favorite is the Felipe Varela grey strapless gown she wore for the pre-wedding dinner of Prince William and the soon-to-be Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. This is such a princess gown and I really want to see it again. This photo of Letizia turning around in her big gown is still one of my favorite photo of her.

My third choice would be the blue Carolina Herrera gown she wore during the state visit to the UK in 2017.  She looked stunning in this gown and the fit was perfect.


Letizia and red are a fantastic pair so I've chosen two red gowns that are my favorite of hers.

First, like Brittani, I love the red Stella McQueen cape gown she wore.  It's simply dramatic and eye-catching. It's so stunning, and Letizia carries it so well.

I also love her red gown by Felipe Varela from the state visit to the UK. It's so regal and is just a fantastic dress for a tiara event. All of the beading and intricate details are superb.

I also like this Lorenzo Caprile gown from the gala dinner in honor of the Lebanese President in 2009. I love the thickness and texture of the fabric.  It has a very medieval royal vibe to it that Letiiza carries well.


Like Laura, I really like her red Felipe Varela embroidered UK State Banquet gown in 2017. 

Another favorite is her pale purple/ grey embroidered Felipe Varela gown from William and Kate's pre-wedding dinner on April 28, 2011.

Lastly, I really liked her new blue Ana Locking gown from the gala dinner during the State Visit by the President of Portugal this month. 

© House of HM the King

© House of HM the King


Like the others, I really liked the grey embroidered Felipe Varela gown that she wore to the 2011 wedding of Will and Kate. 

My next choice is the navy one-shouldered gown by Carolina Herrera for a dinner during the UK State Visit in 2017 when Felipe and Letizia hosted a gala dinner.

My last choice is the one-shouldered light blue gown with embellishments by Felipe Varela that she wore to the wedding of Felipe's first cousin Prince Nikolaos to Tatiana Blatnik in 2010.

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