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Our favorite Queen Maxima outfits

We are taking a look at our favorite Queen Maxima outfits. We also have a special guest giving her opinions, Josine Droogendijk, who runs the blog Make sure to check out her site!


Hands down, my all-time favorite look of hers was the gorgeous royal blue gown by Jan Taminiau. I loved how there was lace at the top and a cape draped over her shoulders. To top it off, she wore the perfect tiara (Dutch Sapphire Tiara) featuring blue sapphires. Maxima looked STUNNING that day!

Koos Breukel

Koos Breukel

I also like the red Valentino flowy gown she wore a dinner in honor of the German President Joachim Gauck and his partner, Daniela Schadt in February 2017 at Noordeinde Palace.

Another favorite of mine is her tan (and bright green paint splattered look around the middle) A-line midi dress by Mattijs van Bergen that she wore during an official tour in Perth, Australia, in November 2016.

My last choice is the light orange one-shoulder gown by Jan Taminiau that she wore to the celebrations of her 40th birthday in May 2011 while she was still a Princess. I loved the look and color on her and that it also had a cape feel on the one shoulder. 


My first choice is the Jan Taminiau gown she wore to Prinsjesdag 2015. It's such a beautiful and it looked stunning on Maxima! She recently wore it again in the official photos celebrating King Willem-Alexander's 5 years on the throne.

Another one of my favorite is the Jan Taminiau one sleeve red gown she wore during their official visit to Italy last year . I'm a huge fan of Jan Taminiau's work and I believe Maxima always looks stunning in his gowns. This one is no exception.

Next, I chose the Valentino black gown she wore in 2016 to the gala dinner for Queen Margrethe's birthday. It's not as original as some of Maxima's gown but it's also very Maxima with the fringes.

Finally, I chose another Jan Taminiau gown, this time the gold one she wore to Prinsjesdag in 2013. Again, she looks stunning and I love the combinaison with the hat.  


My first choice is the yellow/orange Natan dress from the wedding in Monaco in July 2011. 

Secondly, I like the purple dress from Jan Taminiau. She wore the dress on April 28, 2017, on the 50th birthday of her husband.

Next, I chose the ensemble from Prinsjesdag 2016 from Claes Iversen.

My last choice is the Jan Taminiau gown from Carl Philip and Sofia's 2015 wedding. 


I like the blue Jan Taminiau gown from the inauguration. This was just an iconic look from such an important day. It was the perfect gown to showcase the beautiful and grand sapphire tiara. And that cape had me swooning.

Another favorite is the red Jan Taminiau gown from the evening of the inauguration/Sofia and Carl Philip's wedding. Again, it's a stately gown that was perfect for the occasion.  It's also a fantastic backdrop to the beautiful ruby tiara at Sofia and Carl Philip's wedding.

My third choice is the purple Roksanda dress from May 2017 in The Hague at an event with Qatar's Sheikha Mozah at the seminar on Protection and Education In Conflict Zones. It's the dramatic sleeves Maxima loves done by a designer who loves dramatic sleeves and in a stunning color.  It just fits Maxima's personality so well.

And finally this floral Natan for a 2017 conference in Germany alongside Ivanka Trump. She also recently wore it to welcome the Mexican President and his wife to The Netherlands. This is a dramatic and fun dress that fits Maxima's personality but isn't too much. I love how the floral is deployed.  It's a dress that just makes me smile.

Photo: US Department of State (Public Domain)

Photo: US Department of State (Public Domain)


About my choices: Personally, they’re all very calm and well put together compared to a majority of her outfits that are “out there” or unusual. I love her in outfits that make her look professional and beautiful.

One of my favorite outfits of hers was the green dress by one of her favorite designers, Natan. This was from the trip to Japan in October 2014. The burgundy accessories matched really well, too. 

My next choice is the multi-colored striped dress/gown that she wore to the King's Day concert earlier this month. It was designed by Mary Katrantzou Duritz. The Queen was also in Natan pumps and clutch.

Like Laura, I like the floral Natan from a 2017 conference in Germany. She's repeated it since, and I love that it is getting more wear!

My last choice is the Jan Taminiau navy and burnt orange coat and dress that she wore while in Beijing, China, in February 2018.


I also really like the royal blue gown by Jan Taminiau from King Willem-Alexander's inauguration as King of the Netherlands back in 2013. 

Another favorite of mine is the blue floral gown by Luisa Beccaria she wore in September 2016 to the gala dinner for the Princess Maxima Center for Oncology in Amsterdam.

Another favorite of mine was her light pink Jan Taminiau gown with the light purple satin cape from her brother's wedding in June 2014 in Vienna. I love it so much!

I had so much trouble deciding that I had to call in reinforcements. My roommate helped me decide on the last one and this one. I love her green Jan Taminiau gown from the October 2017 state visit from Portugal. 

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